30 December 2010

Transformers Victory, C-326: Galaxy Shuttle MIB (Part 2)

More pictures of Galaxy Shuttle, this time out of the box.

I love this photo, which shows the toy out of its box and a complete set of paperworks.

The empty rectangular hollow is for the paperworks, but I didn't want to bend them and squeeze them in there.

Great whiteness!

Space Shuttle mode.


Galaxy Shuttle can open up and a Micromaster can fit in its storage compartment.

A Micromaster or Brainmaster can sit in the cockpit and 'pilot' Galaxy Shuttle.


  1. I have a bootleg of this toy minus some of the transforming elements and made to look like Voltron. The autobot logos are replaced by Voltron logos, the face is painted like Voltron's face, and the feet and hands are lions. They even used the same robot image as is on the box, again with Voltron logos instead of autobot. The quality is awful, as you might imagine. It's really quite laughable.

  2. That sounds strange, but rather unique too. Do you have photos of it somewhere?


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