G1: 1984-1986


Pre-Transformers Car Robot No.3 - Police Car Sunstreaker

CarRobots No. 7, Fairlady Z, blue

CarRobots No.18, Lancia Stratos, Malboor edition (aka Marlboor Wheeljack)

MC-05, pre-Transformers Reflector giftset MIB


My series 1 and series 2 cars in my Zion Road apartment.

Pre-Rub Bluestreak MISB (a gift from a good friend, details here)

This was an opportunity buy from eBay for a very cheap price. MIB, unused Jazz.

Bought this from OZ Former member jgon before he left Australia.

Variant Red Bumblebee

Mispackaged "Bumblejumper" aka "Bumper"

Some of my favourite Transformers - the seeker jets.

One of the most treasured pieces in my collection - minty MIB, unused paperworks, unbroken styrofoam G1 Megatron.

Canadian box Soundwave with variant Buzzsaw.

Pre-rub Soundwave.

MOSC Pre-rub Ravage and Rumble

Pre-rub Ravage.


The Dinobots!

New deluxe Insecticon Venom (acquisition details here)



  1. Hi great collections you got there! I saw that you got multiples of Liokaiser. Do you mind selling me 1 set? I have those as a kid. Bring back good memories here. Thanks man. My email: ghazibiaggi@yahoo.com.sg

  2. wow imagin if a better set cam out
    what I would do would be to like throw allthose all over the place
    can I have on for free


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