05 December 2010

Classics Superion giftset

Thanks to the eagle eye enthusiasts at OZ Formers who alerted the community to Robot Kingdom's 'retail' price Superion appendage sets. RK is now selling these sets for approximately US$60 per set, a very good price even be HK standards. After scouring the shops here for a month, I have concluded the the prices for the appendage set ranges from HKD$800 to HKD$1200 (US$103-155). US$60 per set is massively cheap. Needless to say, my slight interest in this set became a real interest since the deal was so good.

I ordered the set from RK before going out for lunch. Told E the good news during lunch and she said, what about the pieces that make up the body? Why don't we get those too? Told her I knew a place that has it and so we went there after lunch, and guess what, bought the Classics Superion giftset MISB for HKD$398 (US$51.26; AU$52.27).

Now, I just have to wait for the FansProject Aerial Appendage set to arrive....


  1. Yuck. I recommend using the Energon or Superlink version. I can't stand the pinks and blues of the Universe version.

  2. the pinks and blues look ok to me. I thought the appendage set was meant for this release of Superion though... I don't even know what the Energon version looks like (lowers head in shame)...

  3. I can't comment on intention, but the Energon/Superlink version is a bit more striking in color. A bit more G1 arguably. Have no shame for not knowing toys from Armada, Energon and Cybertron.


  4. Hmmm... it really is more striking. There are lots of reds in the Energon version. What do you think of using the Energon version of Bruticus for the FansProject Crossfire set?

  5. In that case, I do prefer the Universe as it also has a more G1 and in this case, realistic, feel.


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