12 May 2014

Takara, Transformers Fight! Super Robot Life, D-56: Ramjet MIB, redux (#2A of 36)

This is actually a redux of post #2 of 36, because as I was taking shots of the previous 3 seekers, I went and re-photographed D-56: Ramjet again, so that the photos would look consistent.

I'll just call this #2A of 36.

Here is this beauty....

10 May 2014

Takara Fight! Super Robot Life, 24 - Thundercracker MIB, unused (#11 of 36)

This is #11 out of 36. Slowly, I am getting there. Bear with me.

Again, not really lots to said that has not been said about this mold and this figure and this character, except that Maz has say lots and has recently shared a lot of wisdom on Thundercracker - you can head over this his Thundercracker post here.

The above is my "MIB" Canadian box pre-rub Thundercracker (don't ask me how that could happen) and has nothing to do with the Takara boxed 24-Thundercracker I am supposed to talk about in this post. Don't you just love the pre-rub Decepticon insignias though?

09 May 2014

Fukuoka / Kokura Trip April, May 2014 - Acquisition Tally

Typically, I have a wrap up post after each trip which summarises all the acquisitions for the trip. This is the post.

I have to say though, this post is probably less exciting than previous posts of this nature.

So here we have it - the sum totality of all my acquisitions for this trip.

  • D-62: Galvatron MIB, unused
  • Gakken Mospeada 1/8 Ride Armor (aka aka Robotech's The New Generation, 'Cyclone')
  • Gakken Mospeada 1/35 scale Legioss AFC-01I (aka Robotech's The New Generation 'Alpha Fighter', green)
  • Gakken Mospeada 1/35 scale Legioss AFC-01Z (aka Robotech's The New Generation 'Alpha Fighter', red, 'Rook Type')
  • Transformers Henkei Strafe
  • Shinki - Harmony Grace MIB
  • TV Artbook #22

08 May 2014

Recap of 02 May - Japan Trip Day 04 - Canal City, Kokura redux and Mojiko seaside town

02 May was Day 04 in Japan for us. We only have a week here, so not much time left.

We were so shattered and tired from all the running around we did at Nokonoshima Island yesterday that we slept in a little late. I happened to wake up slightly earlier and decided to go out and get coffee, one of my all time favourite drinks, as I am sure the Gassy Autobot can agree with.

While out getting coffee, I thought I should just make a quick stop back at Mandarake again to pick up my buddy Bill's requested Shiki figure. We actually planned to stop by in the afternoon, but since its just 5 mins walk from the hotel and 2 mins walk from where I got coffee, I thought I'd just go.

This is Bill's Shiki. I don't know what these are, but she looks nice.

Today, there were some new things in the Transformers section, and I picked up my very first Transformer for this trip. This I will reveal later on in this post.

07 May 2014

Recap of 01 May - Japan Trip Day 03 - Mandarake redux, Nokonoshima Island and street side food

So this is Day 03. Before we set out for the day, I requested that we re-visit Mandarake again because they do get new stuff in everyday and there is a chance that something new would have come in.

E was looking at this at Mandarake, something she used to play. We did consider getting this console and then buying some games to play. Certainly would be worth it since it's so cheap, 5000yen only. we decided to pass though.

The one thing that was new, that I didn't see on Day 01, was a Diaclone Trailbreaker. I usually have no idea whether a Diaclone is rare, but this one seemed to have unusual stickers, so I bought it. Usually, I will buy first and check value and rarity with Maz and VF-1, haha.

06 May 2014

Recap of 30 April - Japan Trip Day 02 - Kokura

Day 02 was dedicated to Kokura, sort of.

A good friend, Bill, has paved the way for this part of Japan previously and told me that in addition to the Mandarake in Fukuoka, there is one in Kokura too, which is 25 mins away from Fukuoka by Bullet  Train.

This is the building that Mandarake is in and can be easily seen from the Kokura train station and can be reached via sky-walkways and a bridge.

This is the directory. The whole building is populated by stores selling collectibles and pop culture stuff. Notably, there is Mandarake, Jungle, Robot Robot, Animate and others.

05 May 2014

Recap of 29 April - Japan Trip Day 01 - Fukuoka

Last week, I took my long awaited break, to a place I have long waited to go to - Fukuoka in Japan.

It was rumoured and I had it on good authority, that it is the new mecca of Transformers, since Tokyo and Osaka are nowadays picked clean collectors and scalpers alike.

So there I was. Day 01. Hit Mandarake Fukuoka rightaway with E.

Looked at the Diaclone section first. Only thing that caught my attention was a overpriced Wheeljack in a faded box...

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