02 April 2008

Predaking vs Autobots

I just finished re-reading Transformers UK #96 and #97 (and #98, #99 & #100). Man was it awesome. I can almost remember how I felt when I read it so many years ago.

Why was it awesome? Answer: Optimus Prime vs the Predacons (and Predaking!).

Got me thinking about Predaking and how there's this particular picture of the guy I've been fascinated with since the 80s. It was an illustration from a Japanese pocket book which was a gift from my classmate. I have no idea as to the picture's origin- the book is the one and only place I've seen it.

In that picture, Predaking appeared to be trying to get snuff out Blurr, Arcee and Wheelie in order to get to an objective they were trying to prevent him from reaching.

This is the picture:

To me, this is such a great picture because:

[1] the action is so dynamically drawn, it becomes quite alive in my mind every time I view it- Predaking stomps down using the foot that is Tantrum, the ground quakes, rocks fly, the 3 Autobots are thrown off balance while still trying to keep their aim, Predaking now 'fires up' his ahem light saber... The action does not stop with the picture, the mind finishes each characters' movement, connects it to the next, they continue to lose balance, Predaking advances... ;

[2] Predaking and all the other characters in the picture were drawn in their exact G1 representations- just as Floro Dery had designed for the Marvel Universe profile books. I do love the way artists are drawing Transformers now, but they generally tend to be too blockish, too chunky and overly sophisticated and less anthropometric than desired- in short, they lack the simple grace and 'human-like' qualities that so characterizes Floro Dery's G1 Transformer designs; and

[3] Predaking was not using Razorclaw's sword but something that appears like a light sabre! And it appears to be just shooting out at the exact moment Tantrum comes into contact with the rocky ground. I've always managed to hear the distant light saber hum whenever I look at this picture.

Now, look at the picture again.


  1. About the lightsaber, it seems that the Japanese Headmaster series featured the TFs using lightsabers in quite a few episodes. Raiden took Bruticus on in a lightsaber fight too.....

  2. Excellent point.
    I will have to try sitting through Headmasters again. It was really hard to get through the StarTV dubs previously shown on TV3 if you get what I'm saying.

    Maybe I should get the Madman subtitled Headmasters set and have a go at it again (and watch Fort Max in action at the same time *wink*).

  3. I only watched half of the Headmasters dub before giving up on it. It was so inconsistent, and they killed off Optimus again just after resurrecting him..... Moreover, Cerebros himself was supposed to be a headmaster, but the series never did show his head detaching..... And the "Monster Plant wrecks the city" concept in the first appearance of Fort Max wasn't exactly good or creative either.

  4. yeah, mostly I agree with you. But on retrospect, I kind of like Headmasters more than Masterforce or Victory because:

    (1) characters from Season 1, 2 and 3 continue to make appearances throughout the series- nostalgic;

    (2) a Transformer is still a Transformer- a robot. Unlike in Masterforce where the TF is controlled by humans;

    (3) there is still the classic transformation sound which Masterforce and Victory lacks;

    (4) they don't take forever to transform in a 'limbo' type environment (think Victory);

    (5) Daniel and Spike is infinitely more tolerable than the cast of humans in Masterforce and Jan in Victory.

  5. I didnt watch MF and Victory, though I read that in Victory, Star Saber adopted a human kid.... And the humans use bracelets to change their form in MasterForce.

  6. By the way, do you know whether the G1 Metroplex's thighs are chromed? The KO version's thighs have silver stickers applied....

  7. The most annoying thing about:
    - Masterforce is the humans;
    - Victory is the fact the TFs shout 'Transform' and then actually transform in a 'limbo' environment without regard to the context they should be in.

    That's my 2 cents anyway.


    There are 2 versions of G1 Metroplex:
    (1) chromed silver thighs with rubber wheels; and
    (2) stickered (at the front) silver thighs with plastic wheels.

    The rubber wheels one is of course the more desirable version.

  8. I see. The KO Metroplex is based on the version with the plastic wheels.

    About the transformation in limbo, isnt that what Energon and Cybertron does too? It seems like they overemphasize the transformations. I prefer it when they just transform in the actual environment (like G1 and Animated).

    Btw, it seems like Encore OS will be arriving in June 08.

  9. Did you get a KO Metroplex? How is the quality of the box? If anything, I would be interested in the box if the printing is not too shabby.

    You're right, it does sound like they did it for Energon and Cybertron as well (although I did not watch that since I gave up on all newer lines of TFs after 5 crappy episodes Armada).

    I'm totally with you that transforming in the actual environment is the way to go!

    Hmmm... Omega. I've reserved 2 pieces although I already have an MIb vintage one. I'll get a kick out of stickering the new ones I'm sure!

  10. Yeah, I got the KO 'Plex. The box's texture feels kinda weird, and the boxart seems kinda dark... Other than that, it's pretty accurate, right down to the 80s Hasbro logo. It even comes with teh Tech Spec Decoder (which actually works). As for the toy itself, it's not that accurate. The mold's accurate, and it even has the (C) HASBRO 1985 (C) TAKARA CO LTD mark on the back of the waist. However, the plastic used is not exactly that perfect, and the remake is mostly grey instead of white. Only the thighs and the Helipad are purely white plastic.

  11. The stickers are okay, except that the Bot logos are lacking the hole in the "forehead"..... Transformation works fine, except that the Helipad is kinda loose and flips out easily.
    Oh, and the pictures of the toy on the box are somewhat yellowed a bit.... Though i don't have the original G1 box to compare it with.

    P.S. Do inform me when you're back in S'pore. =)

  12. Did you have a G1 Metroplex to compare it with? I don't think the G1 Metroplex had that many pure white parts. Most of his is an off-grey sort of white but not pure white.

    Still, its good to be able to own an MIB Metroplex at a somewhere affordable price!

    I'll definitely drop you an email through Seibertron when I do return to Singapore.

  13. So far I was comparing it with pics of the original Metroplex online, but i'm not too sure whether the pics are that accurate....

    Any idea whether Encore OS will have all the electronics as well?

    Btw, I've changed my UserID to "Den-O"...

  14. You mean your Seibertron ID is now 'Den-O'?

    I think OS will come with electronics and if the rumours hold true, even a new face!

  15. You mean your Seibertron ID is now 'Den-O'?

    I think OS will come with electronics and if the rumours hold true, even a new face!

  16. Yep, the Seibs ID has been changed. Argh, the next Encore is Metroplex...... What a waste that I bought the KO one.

  17. I just browsed this. Seems legit. Damn, any possibility of selling your KO one before the real thing hits the shelves?

    Knowing Singapore, not many people will know he's going to be reissued till a month or so before its slated release.

    Recommendation: sneakily sell off the KO one.

  18. That is such a sweet pic!


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