31 January 2014

新年快樂 恭喜發財 - happy lunar new year folks!




(thanks to 江 for whitening the Jetfire) 

30 January 2014

More acquisitions before the Lunar New Year - Canadian Bluestreak, GiG G2 Sideswipe, Scoop, misc parts

Today, I was off work at 3pm.

Walked home. Went to the post office to pick up parcel #5 in 2 days!

This was loot from Specimen-17, basically parts and odd and ends that I needed.

Canadian Bluestreak box - yet another for my Bluestreak collection!
Vintage TF notebook featuring Bluestreak in front
GiG G2 Sideswipe with package, complete
Scoop complete (finally)
04 x Thrust launchers
01 x Thrust short missile

Shelf rearrangements (for CNY)

28 January 2014

Today's Acquisitions - Japanese G1, whitened Jetfire, MPs, FP Roadbuster

Today was surreal. Actually, it was a crap day all things considered, but I won't go into that.

The evening was good though. Met up with a good buddy to collect back the Jetfire he helped me to whiten. It went from a mustard colour to this...

14 January 2014

I am selling some things on the TFW Boards

A little heads up, I am selling some things on the TFW Boards.

However, I am refraining from listing the link here because I want to give the people who are on the Boards a shot at the sales thread first.

After 24 hours, I will list a link (but I don't think this will stop the ingenious people from finding the thread anyways).

~ HD

09 January 2014

In hand images of FansProject CA-13: Diesel (aka not-Motormaster)

After a really long wait, it is finally here... FansProject's version of Motormaster, one of my favourite G1 characters.

Above, he is pictured with the Japanese version of his G1 counterpart, D-50: Motormaster, a rare piece in itself.

I just got back home with this piece. What makes it extra special is that I picked it up together with 3 other local TF buddies, whom I have gotten to know recently (we already have a What's App group and talk daily!). It was great to pick this up together, go for some food and a drink and to meet them for the first time.

No, I didn't buy 2. One box is for an old friend in Singapore.

01 January 2014

Takara Transformers C-104: Brainstorm MIB

I blame James Roberts.



What was I supposed to say?

Ah, right...

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014.

Ermmm, I still blame James Roberts, the omnimalevolent writer of IDW's More Than Meets the Eye series. Why you might ask? Because he single-handedly made me want and focus on certain TFs that I otherwise only have a passing or moderate interest in is why. In other words, I start to buy more, on the basis of the stories he writes.

An example? I recently went and bought a Japanese boxed C-104: Brainstorm while I was in Japan when I already had a very minty USA boxed one.


Well, it is a stunning toy I gotta admit.

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