01 June 2008

Site update- Toy Hunt April '07

While it might appear that I've neglected posting stuff as often as I used to, nothing could be further from the truth.

I've recently had a lot on my mind and my plate (incidentally), and at the same time, I've been out having fun. As part of the fun, I probably should mention this particularly awesome birthday K-bash for E, but I shall refrain.

Be that as it may, throughout the mind, the plate, K-bashes and what-not, I've also been archiving the backlog of TF related things, articles, posts and stuff that I've done on or for other sites. These will in time, be posted here, in one form or another- with the hope of making this site as comprehensive as possible in terms of Heroic Decepticon's activities and contributions.

For this update, I've archived my April 2007 Hong Kong trip hauls, which were previously posted on the forums of OTCA (aka OZ Formers).

April 2007 acquisitions are broken down into the chapters below:
Alternatively, all other toy hunt trip acquisitions can be found here.


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