31 August 2009

Nothin' stops the Juggernaut

I finally got Juggernaut (from Marvel Legends Series VI) from the quarterly Parramatta Collectibles Fair.

It was a present from E.

Man, I really like this figure. I think my favourite part of the figure is the helmet and the fact that I can see the head inside (unlike in the comic where only his eyes and mouth can be seen and the rest is just amorphous black). It's hulkingly huge and flawlessly scaled to match the Marvel Select Thanos and the Superman/Batman Series 2 Darkseid.

Until I one day open my Juggernaut, I can now only imagine standing my 3 favourite villains side by side...

My favourite part of the figure

Marvel Legends Series VI: Juggernaut

Change, the only constant in the universe

For the better part of 2 years, this site has been almost purely Transformers-centric. There were only made a small number of exceptions where I posted something completely unrelated to Transformers on this site (an example being some Neil Gaiman related articles).

It shall no longer be such.

I have decided that the site shall no longer be limited to Transformers, although it will remain primarily focused on Transformers still. It will be easy enough to filter out all other articles by clicking on the "Transformers" option in the menu titled "Site Navigation" on the right-hand sidebar. Clicking that would mean that all the articles you see on the page are articles about Transformers or is at least related to Transformers.

There is much I wish to say about my other interests and hobbies.

With this change, I will gain the ability to talk about them on this site, for, change is the only constant in the universe.

24 August 2009

The problem with MP-08 Grimlock

The problem with MP-08 is scale.

I gotta say that I was pretty disappointed when I saw this guy's prototype pics and later, its release pics on the 'net. In robot mode, he is little taller than a standard Binaltech/Alternator. And what's wrong with that?

What's wrong is that he can't even stand shoulder to shoulder with MP-01 Optimus Prime. He is in fact almost three whole heads shorter than MP-01 Optimus Prime when he should be towering over the latter.

Three and bit heads shorter than MP-01 Optimus Prime

MP-08 Grimlock is simply not to scale. The Transformer Masterpieces are approximately 1:24 scale because MP-01 Optimus Prime is very close in scale to, if not exactly to scale with, a Binaltechs/Alternator and the latter series is supposed to be 1:24 scale.

The Transformers Masterpieces were doing well so far, even MP-05 Megatron is to scale with MP-01 Optimus Prime (because they stand shoulder to shoulder), that is until MP-08 Grimlock went and threw a spanner into the works... interestingly, not an act he is foreign to judging by his G1 disposition.

(Disclaimer: I know the seekers, MP-03 Starscream, MP-06 Skywarp and MP-07 Thundercracker, are not 1:24 as well, but they cannot have been because a 1:24 scale jet would mean that the seekers would have to be more than 5 times the size of MP-01 Optimus Prime, and that would just be impractical. So, they were done as best they could, which is roughly slightly shorter than MP-01 Optimus Prime, like in the G1 cartoons.)

MP-08 Grimlock looks a bit like a joke next to MP-01 Optimus Prime.

Role reversal
Left - Grimlock hulking over Optimus Prime in the G1 cartoon
Right - Optimus Prime towering over little Grimlock

23 August 2009

Parramatta Collectibles Fair - 23 August 2009

Here it was again, the quarterly Parramatta Collectibles Fair, held at Parramatta City Hall.

As usual, it was delightful, because I managed to find and pick up figures that I didn't expect to find or in some cases, had been looking for but just did not find.

The 'fair' on 23 August 2009.

There were many highlights of the day, the key among them being a Marvel Legends Series VI Juggernaut figure from E as a present! I have been looking for this figure for some time because it would sit (or stand) perfectly next to a small gallery of my favourite rouges - Thanos and Darkseid.

My haul for that day, includes many exciting figures and dvds:
  • Marvel Legends Series VI: Juggernaut
  • DC Universe: Crisis series Batman (figure 24)
  • DC Universe: Crisis series Batman (figure 34)
  • Transformers Sureshot
  • Transformers Crosshairs
  • Transformers Quickswitch (courtesy Fatbot)
  • Transformers Carnivac (courtesy Sky Shadow)
  • Transformers Scrapper and Hook guns (just for fun)
  • a Star Wars playset (don't know its name)
  • Transformers Spotlight: Optimus Prime comic (courtesy I_am_Trunks)
  • Rann-Thanagar War TPB
  • The Matrix DVD
  • Matrix Reloaded DVD
  • Matrix Revolutions DVD
  • 21 DVD
  • Reservoir Dogs DVD
  • Transformers Japan Generation One complete collection DVD boxset

23 August 2009 haul

Transformers in Star Wars land

I bought the Star Wars playset basically as a backdrop for my 3.5" Batman, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Wolverine, Gambit and Maverick to live and fight in. I didn't know a thing about it. When I bought it, I asked the seller "so, what is this playset called and where is it of?".

The guy, clearly a hardcore Star Wars fan answered "It's a vintage Star Wars playset from the 1980s", with the how-could-you-not-know-this-young-punk look in his eyes. I think I must have offended his Star Wars sensibilities.

Someone, please, tell me the name of that playset (pictured above).

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