26 August 2014

1987 Takara exclusive (variant) white Headmaster heads - Kaku, Lodoney, Lione, Trizor, Shuffler

After more than 6 months post obtaining these, it is finally time to reveal them and talk about them. For one reason or another, my blog is suffering from a substantial backlog of posts - I have close to 70 posts worth of photos and materials ready, but yet to be posted.

A sign that I am enjoying other things in life surely.

I start off with the money shot - almost a full collection of the 1987 exclusive Headmasters, in colour and in white. I am missing a white Loafer of course. Oh, goes without saying that I would pay good money to buy one from whoever has it.

Back row (L to R): white Lodoney (Rodney), white Kaku (Kirk), Loafer, Lodoney (Rodney) and Kaku (Kirk)
Front row (L to R): white Trizor, white Lione, white Shuffer, Trizor, Lione and Shuffer

23 August 2014

Shelve re-arrangement - Autobot cars to the front!

This was toward the end of July, a couple of days before E and me left for our Euro vacation. That day, I decided to (once again) rotate and re-arrange my toy shelves. This time, I really wanted to feature the early year 'Autobot cars' and sort of rotated them all to the front.

21 August 2014

Specimen-17's sale of the decade (perhaps) - lots of rare G1 figures AFA-ed, MISB, MIB

Beginning from a couple of days ago till somewhere in mid-September, long time UK seller Specimen-17 will be selling a very large lot of Transformers - mostly AFA pieces, Japanese G1 (MISB and MIB), USA G1 (carded, MIB, MISB) and other exotic paraphernalia.

For a sale of this scope and magnitude, Specimen-17 is currently in Beijing, China, assisting a long time collector auction off key pieces of his collection. The collector is known to me, was active on the Australian Transformers Boards and we are good friends - this is why I am doing a shout out here.

E and I have personally seen his collection in Australia before we all moved back to Asia. With hand to heart, I can say that his collection is one of the most breath-taking and stunning collections that I have seen. The depth of the pieces he has to the rare and exotic nature of the items are really something to behold.

Some of what is on auction right now includes such pieces as AFA Arfire MISB, AFA dino-cassettes, AFA Masterforce figures, MISB Japanese, USA and Euro-exclusive figures and more.

Okay, enough of the hard-sell, go see for yourself...

eBay.com page: http://www.ebay.com/sch/specimen-17/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=3&_rdc=1

eBay.co.uk page: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?_ipg=50&_ssn=specimen-17&_sop=1

(I included 2 pages because eBay kind of displays strange on my browser and depending on which site I use, a different number of hits is show; weird, but I don't know why).

Good luck bidding, I know I want to win some of those puppies too!

~ HD

05 August 2014

so this year, I will be at Auto Assembly!

This weekend, I will be at Auto Assembly in the UK.

Long story short, I guess, I'd say that Auto Assembly is the UK's annual version of a TF convention by fans.

How this all came about has been pretty fortuitous. It wasn't planned, at least not from the very beginning. E and I were always going to take a vacation during this period, after her secondment at a client's office ends. This year, she wanted to go to Europe and decided on Paris, London and Switzerland. It was during the planning stages of the trip that I realised I would be in Paris on or around the time AA is happening.

Initially, we weren't supposed to be in the UK during the AA weekend, but on realising that there is a true blue TF-convention on at the time, E sort of moved mountains to make sure our schedule aligned with some part of the convention. She even booked a nice room at the hotel where AA will be held.

Needless to say, I am very excited to be attending perhaps my first even TF dedicated convention. Looking forward to meet my buddies Maz, Morg and Specimen-17 too.

Thanks a million to E for making it possible!

~ HD

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