30 December 2010

Transformers Zone, C-349: Road Fire MIB (Part 3)

More pictures of Road Fire in his other modes. I just can't resist taking pictures of this guy. Enjoy!

Road Fire in base mode

I know it's not a very convincing base, but there is just this appeal about it.

Back of the base mode

Road Fire transforms to Robot Mode

Different views for reference and comparison



Close up details

The little yellow button at the side activates Road Fire's motorised action.


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  1. Very nice stuff HD! Looking at these pics just struck a nostalgic nerve. Back in the early nineties (When I was about 5-6) a friend came back from HK and had brought back a few robot toys- I didn't even know they were transformers until now- I just recognized roadfire as being one of those robots! and I played with that as a kid (Thrashing it around- didn't even know how to transform it correctly).If only I knew back then...

  2. hi there! Yeah, its always hard to tell what toy is from which toy line as a kid. Some kids even thought that the later year Transformers, especially the Japanese ones, were knock offs because they have never seen them in the US catalogues before. Now, I guess we know that those were TFs and are also quite rare. Thanks for dropping by!


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