28 January 2011

A blue Friday...

It has been a tough week, well mentally at least. Come Friday evening, I just needed to unwind. Since E had to finish late, I was, ermmm... wandering around Causeway Bay, once more.

I just felt I needed to buy stuff tonight, you know, sort of like shopping therapy. Yeah, I'll give that a shot and see if it works.

It was sort of a Skids day... so this is what I got (and some at silly good prices too):

  • Encore 04 - Starscream - HKD$280 (have been wanting this because this is the only version of Starscream other than the TFC reissue, that comes with a yellow plane cockpit)
  • Encore 18 - Skids - HKD$150
  • Transformers Generations 2009, mail-away exclusive Skids and Screech - HKD$499
  • Fables #100
  • Green Lantern Corps: Prelude to Blackest Night (man, how can there still be Blackest Night stuff out there that I have not already bought!)
  • Evangelion Chronicles #6 - featuring Gendo Ikari and EVA-01
Fables #100 is by far the most exciting purchase though. I just can't wait to see the showdown between Frau Totenkinder and Mister Dark... woot!

Some recent acquisitions of recently released toys

Here are some recent acquisitions of recently released toys and some photos show-casing my latest set-up for taking photos...

Reveal the Shield Scout Class Figures - Backfire (for E), Windcharger (such an awesome figure, and with tractor beams too!) and Firetrap (this is going to be my 'Classics' Brawn)

Reveal the Shield Legends Class Optimus Prime and Megatron (will be used for dioramas in place of WST Prime and Megatron) and Perfect Effect Rumble & Frenzy (finally decided to get these after many months of struggling, knowing that I probably won't like them)

Music Label Blaster and Soundwave

Henkei Cyclonus

Scourge (this is an awesome figure too and very subtly paying tribute to G1)

Cyclonus and 2 Sweeps

Cyclonus, Sweeps and Astrotrain


13 January 2011

S.T.A.R.-ing Ranger and some Sweeps

Had an unusual combination of acquisitions today. Went for a wander to my now favourite toy shop in HK and picked up some really unexpected G1 gems - C-305: Ranger MISB and the Japanese Takara S.T.A.R.S set in mailer packet, unused.

Also managed to pick up United Soundwave and Cliffjumper (cybertronian mode), Generations Kup and Scourge x 02, sort of well before their global release date.

Oh, and there is the little matter of Takara Mini-Toy-Shop Convoy (which is die-cast if you didn't know)

You know it's really mini when its even smaller than the 'World's Smallest Transformer' Convoy...

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