31 December 2010

Masterforce, C-301: Go-Shuta, MIB

Go-Shooter aka Go-Shuta is a Headmaster junior in the Masterforce series. The Go-Shuta toy is the one of the rarer Masterforce figures. The rarest perhaps being Minerva. The main issue with both Minerva and Go-Shuta is that even if one does find the figures, chances are that they may be yellowed. This is perhaps the key reason why Go-Shutas and Minervas in good condition, and still white, are hard to come by, thus leading to an upward spiral in prices are supply dwindles over the years.

I bought this from a TFW member and fellow Singaporean. It was not cheap, but I was willing to pay a premium to get it in this absolute best, mint condition.

C-301: Go-Shuta
Box = C9.5
Toy = C9.5, bone white, stickers expertly applied and in very good condition
Paperworks = included (missing catalogue)

No flap crease!

Hey, made in Taiwan?!?

Out of the box

Comparison with its USA counterpart, Siren. The Siren US box is almost twice the size of the Go-Shooter Japanese box. Goes to show how much 'air' and excess space US boxes contain.

Go-Shuta with fellow Masterforce Headmaster juniors - Carb and Minerva

Masterforce Headmaster juniors with their US counterparts. Left to right: Go-Shooter, Siren, Carb/Hosehead, Nightbeat, Minerva

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