30 December 2010

Transformers Zone, C-349: Road Fire MIB (Part 1)

Of the 3 Big Powered robots, I like Road Fire the most.

For some reason his size, colour scheme, transformation and even the box proportions appeals very much to me. Road Fire has many intricate stickers that when applied propoerly, has a very regal effect on the toy. Oh, and its motorised too!

Accordingly to TF Wiki, Road Fire is also the rarest of the Big Powered trio to obtain individually (Dai Atlas being the easiest I suspect) - "Road Fire was seemingly a late addition to the line; the first image of him in the Zone catalogue is actually concept art that was significantly different from the final product. Since he was the last toy of Zone, a line put out at a time when interest in Transformers was severely waning in Japan, Road Fire is considerably harder to come across than Dai Atlas or Sonic Bomber, and commands a fair bit more on the secondary market than those two."

A few months back, I bought Road Fire from the same seller from Japan who sold me C-347: Sonic Bomber and got them shipped together. The seller was top notch and C-347 and C-349: Road Fire were in tip top condition. Very happy with that.

C-349: Road Fire
Box = C9, close to C9.5
Toy = C9, stickers very minty with almost no peeling/lifting
Paperworks = complete



Top of box

Sides of box

Back of box

Box Details

Caption stating Road Fire has motorised action

Beautiful box art

Takara stamping

Close up of Drill-buster in window

Close up of back of box

Robot Points

Road Fire bio card

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