29 September 2010

Update on move!

At this stage, I have managed to sell all my furniture to various other residents in my apartment complex except for my bed and TV both of which I'm keeping. My short table for the workstation and 2 slim shelves will be collected from me over the weekend or early next week which suits me very well.

Well, home without furniture...

On a Transformers note, I just picked this up from the very venerable fatbot of OZ Formers: Hard Hero statues of Prowl, Ironhide and Devastator! I just love the purity and G1-ness of the Hard Hero statues. They are so down to basics but yet so pure to the spirit and essence of G1. To me, they are so much better than the more recent Diamond select busts (which are either very horridly sculpted or too "Pat Lee" for my liking).

Thanks fatbot!

26 September 2010

Transformers Zone, C-347: Sonic Bomber MIB (part 3)

This part features the robot mode of Sonic Bomber. Before that, a continuation of the Sonic Bomber (Zone) story from the previous part (source TF Wiki):

"Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber then focused their attention on Super-God General Overlord and Saurian General Trypticon, whom they vowed to defeat in under eight seconds. Sonic Bomber took Trypticon out with his "Meteor Drop" attack... pretty much just head-butting him with the pointy thing on his head. 

Violen Jiger then created Metrotitan as a rival for Dai Atlas and unleashed him on the Lunar Zone Base on Earth's moon. Sonic Bomber was kept busy by the Metrosquad and left unable to fight off Metrotitan. Eventually, Dai Atlas arrived and combined with Sonic Bomber into Sky Powered, but they were quickly frozen solid by Metrotitan's Freeze Beam Gun. All hope seemed lost until Road Fire appeared and took Metrotitan out. Freed, Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber happily welcomed Road Fire into the club. 

Violen Jiger at last came out of the shadows and attacked the Earth in person. Sonic Bomber and the other Powered Masters attempted to stop him with their "Triple Powered Attack" but failed. Violen Jiger escaped back to the Tenth Planet with the Zodiac and a Galaxy Rocket full of hostages. The Powered Masters then combined into Big Powered and gave chase.

Arriving at the Tenth Planet, Violen Jiger split into his three forms, Vion, Lenja and Igern, and attacked. Sonic Bomber took on Igern in an air battle and destroyed him, while his comrades took care of the other two entities. However, Violen Jiger was not beaten yet. Violen Jiger returned as a horrible phoenix-thing and attacked. Upgraded with the power of the Zodiac, the Powered Masters combined into Big Powered yet again, but this time their strength was enhanced thirty-fold. They flew through Violen Jiger and destroyed him with the "Powered Rainbow Attack". The Zodiac then reformed the desolate Tenth Planet into a lush utopia where humans and robots could live in harmony."

Sonic Bomber robot mode

Close up details

Sonic Bomber looks like he is smiling!

Close up detail of head area

Shoulder detail

Heel detail. These yellow guns are usable in plane mode as mentioned in the previous post

Gun detail


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Transformers Zone, C-347: Sonic Bomber MIB (part 2)

In this post, I take Sonic Bomber out of his box and feature him in his full glory. However, before that, a little bit about how Sonic Bomber fits into the Zone continuity (courtesy of TF Wiki):

"Following the creation of the Autobot Zone, the Decepticon Emperor Violen Jiger ordered his Nine Great Demon Generals on a campaign to conquer planets and create a Decepticon Zone to counter it. The Decepticons attacked planet Feminia and destroyed it completely, with Victory Saber lost in the destruction. However, Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber, the Powered Master space explorers, had arrived in time to rescue the badly wounded Autobot Supreme Commander. The Decepticons then shifted their focus to Earth, where they hoped to obtain a powerful energy source called the Zodiac. Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber intercepted them on Earth, defeated them, and regained the Zodiac. Impressed with Dai Atlas' courage and power, and too injured to lead any longer, Victory Saber inaugurated Dai Atlas as the new Supreme Commander of the Autobots. Sonic Bomber became second in command.

Soon after, Evil Spirit General BlackZarak attacked the Earth and took Landshaker and Sky Hyper hostage. Driven by the need to rescue their comrades, Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber defeated BlackZarak and rescued their friends." (to be continued in Part 3)

 Sonic Bomber comes out of his box, but still in the insert for the moment

Sonic Bomber with used sticker sheet and instructions

Instructions showing Sonic Bomber's motorised action. It's a little like Starcom if you catch what I mean. Very fortunate that my Sonic Bomber's motorised action still works like a charm.

Jet mode. I do like the sleek black jet that he transforms into. My one complain is the platform that becomes the ramp in base mode slightly compromising the aerodynamics of this mode.

Jet mode with yellow guns out

Close up of jet cockpit

Jet mode - sticker detail

Jet mode - armament detail. This yellow gun forms Sonic Bomber's heels in the robot mode. In jet mode, they can be armed like in the picture or retracted into the wing

Jet mode - top mounted gun detail

Jet mode - with Sonic Micromaster

Base mode. Not a very convincing base if you ask me and also not enough accessories.

Base mode - bird's eye view

Base mode

Base mode - side view

Base mode - side view

Sonic with Sonic Bomber in base mode

Next: Sonic Bomber - Robot mode

25 September 2010

Transformers Zone, C-347: Sonic Bomber MIB (part 1)

Continuing on the Transformers Zone trend after featuring Metrotitan a few days back.

This was on E's list of Transformers that she wants. It took awhile to look for one that was in good condition, complete and also at a reasonable price. I found this piece from Japan where the seller was selling Sonic Bomber and also Road Fire.

This piece is in immaculate condition and all the stickers have been lovingly applied. Even the motorised action still works!

Profile of Sonic Bomber from TF Wiki:

"Sonic Bomber is the youthful, energetic and happy-go-lucky second in command of the Autobots. He looks up to his Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas with respect and admiration. Though brash and cocky, Sonic Bomber knows when to shut up and do what he's told.

When he is combined with Dai Atlas, they become Sky Powered. However, when he's combined with Dai Atlas and Road Fire, they become the all-powerful Big Powered.

He is paired with his Micromaster partner, aptly named Sonic."

C-347: Sonic Bomber
Box: C9.5
Toy: C9.5
Paperworks: included

I found it interesting that Sonic Bomber's box art continues onto the bottom of his box.

The big red words in the yellow background probably says something like "motorised action".

Close up of the Micromaster that comes with Sonic Bomber, who is unimaginatively named - Sonic.

Picture of Sonic Bomber's plane mode

Picture of Sonic Bomber's base mode

Top of the box

Bottom of the box

Back of box

Close up of battle scene at the back of box. I like this scene, there is just so much going on and you can really see the play potential of the Micromasters and the Big Powered base.
Bottom of box back also featuring Dai Atlas and Road Fire and their combining potential

Sonic Bomber is worth 2 robot points. As with most Japanese Transformer releases, the robot point actually indicates which robot it came from - the words C-347 can be seen printed on the robot point.

1 half of Sonic Bomber's bio card. His tech specs are also shown here.

Sonic Bomber's bio card front

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