18 November 2007

Why not Rodimus?

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The question is this: is there a Transformer that is more hateful than Wheelie? The answer is yes, that Transformer could be Rodimus Prime.


He is a Prime and he made a mess of it; in fact, he created the mess that resulted in his ascendancy to Prime-hood. Here it is...

Hot Rod: 'No you don't Megatron.'
Optimus Prime: 'Out of the (fraggin') way Hot Rod (because I can't get a clear shot when you're there and I'm too nice to risk hitting you).'
[screen captures from Seibertron.com]

In the history of G1, both the cartoon and comics, there is no worse Autobot leader than Rodimus Prime. As a leader, he is inferior to Grimlock, Perceptor, Springer, Fortress Maximus and of course Optimus Prime… and he has to constantly whine about it to boot. I have to look no further than the whole of Season 3 as prove of his incompetence. Since TFTM, Rodimus Prime has never had another decisive win over Galvatron and the Decepticons in either cartoon or comic.

There may have been some dubious leaders over the course of G1, but none (except Optimus) had the very power and wisdom of the Matrix at their disposal- none but Rodimus Prime, and he stilled sucked.

The Rodimus Prime toy lowers the stature of this character even further. I recall my disappointment on receiving him during my childhood.

I think that (1) its head is poorly sculpted; (2) it has one of the most simplistic and uninspiring transformations for a toy of its size and its price range; (3) in robot mode it has all of 2 points of articulation and is rigid like a viagra overdose; (4) it is badly proportioned as a robot; and (5) its vehicle mode feels like a lump of solidified lead.

Transformer with cataracts. No wonder he doesn't have a clear vision
[image from Seibertron.com]

With the above in mind, how can Trans-fans hate Wheelie more than Rodimus Prime? Surely they must hate Rodimus Prime if they are to hate Wheelie. At the very least, Wheelie doesn’t whine and didn’t get used as a shield and indirectly aided Megatron in killing the greatest Autobot of all. In fact, the Wheelie toy even has 2 points more articulation than the Rodimus toy.

For myself, I know that Rodimus Prime stands quite a few rungs lower than Wheelie in my Transformers ladder.

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  1. I agree in whole of your comments in this article, The fact is all the points made are true, We have to go no further than the episode "Dark Awakenings" and even subsequently " the Return of Optimus Prime" To see how weak this character actually is.

    Some may ask whether or not Optimus would have actually shot Megatron in the end, seeing as Megatron and the decepticons have escaped in every episode of Season 1 and 2, or have been let to flee. Would Megatron got the gun, avoided primes blast and returned the fire anyway? These are plausible too.even the story that Optimus Primes Trailer appears out of nowhere and runs Megs over, and the Matrix failing to save Prime when he needed it the most.

    Maybe we should compare Orion Pax to Hotrod, and from that point on? Why can't we allow a few million years to pass, while Rodimus Builds up his experience, his strength?

    What we should acknowledge is that Rodimus could have equaled if not surpassed Optimus in time, if he was just allowed it.

    HD raises some fair points especially when it comes to the Toy, for a leader toy, we all expected a lot more, especially in Proportion, and articulation, At least an openable chest piece would have suffice! (I would like to comment that Seibertron.com in correctly posed the spoiler in the lower hole rather than the upper one in that image), I guess, this is one thing that we will have to wait and hope that the Masterpeice series gives us a worthy Piece. Nonetheless this toy is the only one i have kept overall these years, Its the Representation I guess. I guess at least we have the Blue eyes, no matter how small they are.

    Finally, i will acknowledge the writers and their orders from Hasbro to write the demise of Rodimus, and let commercialism stand in the way of the beginings of a New Hero and New Story and a New legend, Well done boys! Thankyou for Killing off the Inspiration and Potential inside us all!!!

  2. The toy adds 'bags' under his eyes, which give the impression of age and wisdom, but which almost make him look "elderly". I never understood this, as the Matrix never gave Rodimus actual EXPERIENCE, it just gave him physical power and ACCESS to wisdom.

  3. I've always said that if Rodimus had only had a better toy, he would be much more loved by the fandom. Imagine a sort of Masterpiece Rodimus Prime, with articulation on par with, say, Jetfire. That would be awesome.

  4. anonymous, there could have been an infinte amount of possibilities- Prime could have shot Megatron, he might not have, he could have shot even with Hot Rod as a sheild and yada yada yada. It's all well and fine but ultimately moot when met with what actually happened- that Hot Rod prevented Prime from firing when he could have and in the end caused Prime's death.

    I think the eyebags, aged look and wizened expression were design flaws more than anything else. They could have made Rodimus a more matured Hot Rod in any number of ways, no need for the whole eyebags thing.


    Botch, I think it is possible the fandom might have loved Rodimus more if he had a better toy. I for one am sure that I like the character less because of the crappy toy.

    I'd look forward to a Masterpiece Rodimus Prime if such a thing can possibly eventuate judging from the relative lack of popularity of the character and the likely lacklustre sales that may follow.

    I'd wager that they don't want a repeat of MP-03: Greenscream.

    1. But Hot Rod wasn't use as a shield. Also although he should've butt out, Prime should've held down Megatron first then talk.

    2. I don't find Rodimus Prime a likeable character. However, at least he's interesting ( unlike Optimus Prime)

    3. Also like I said before Optimus should’ve hurry up and shot Megatron instead of talking. Yes Hot Rod should’ve butt out, but Optimus shouldn’t have yap his mouth off. And at Rodimus is not some annoying bot and some character arch compare to g1 Wheelie.

    4. Actually Optimus should’ve shot Megatron instead of talking. He had enough time to do that before Hot Rod came along.

  5. Don't like Rodimus Prime very much, but don't hate him that much, but I do like Hot Rod. Hot Rod>Rodimus Prime

  6. I'm not for sure if I should believe in this article. I mean I've read that no one or most people don't like HR/RP. However, that's not true. Some like him and some don't. Also OP was going to die with or without Hot Rod, of course he still should've stay out of the way, but Optimus should'nt let Megatron beg for mercy. I guess that Hot Rod shouldn't share all of the blame.

  7. I disagree. Yes the post is old, but I can still disagree. Here-->http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/threads/most-hated-transformer-of-all-time-character.163595/
    It seem that Wheelie is hated more then RP/HR. I even counted them. Wheelie has about 24, while Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod has about 23. Another thing is to remember that more people dislike Rodimus Prime then Hot Rod.

  8. Also Rodimus has some funny lines

  9. I think I said this before a month ago, but not for sure. Well I don't see my comment, so maybe I didn't.
    Anyway,Wheelie is more hated then Rodimus Prime. I'm sorry, but it's true. Even on devinatart Rodimus has about 3 fan groups, while Wheelie only has one. :p

  10. G1 S3 RP does derserve more hate then wheelie and I like RP a bit and still do and will. Other Hot Rods/Rodimus Primes aren't probably that bad I hope.

  11. Actually OP cause his own death by yapping instead of hurring and shot Megatron.

  12. Also Rodimus is a much better character then Wheelie ( not that Wheelie deserve the hate too). There are many Rodimuses and the rest shouldn't suffer because of the original one.


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