02 April 2011

Classics - Henkei - Generations - United photos

One of my current hot favourites.

I have just updated my permanent links above (under the banner) with loads of picture of my Classics-Henkei-Generations-United collection. 

Well, the collection consists most of Henkei and United figures actually (I mostly cannot be bothered with the US released Classics or Generations unless its a mold that was not released on Japan).

Here are some preview shots.

Transformers Classics / Generations / Henkei / United - 1984, 1985 Decepticons

Transformers Classics / Generations / Henkei / United - 2010 Decepticons

For a lot more photos, check out the permanent link entitled "My Classics/ Henkei/ Generations/ United collection" or simply click on the link here.


Edit of 3 April 2011

Prompted by gdmetro, I include some Wheeljack pictures below. The Wheeljack is from the Generations line by Hasbro and was not in the "1984 Autobots" scene above because it was not released at the time I took the picture. By the time Wheeljack made it back to the Ark, Prime had already sent all the other Autobots out to battle... leaving only the science and medical team...

... and Wheeljack with his statue at the Mechanical Institute of Technology ("MIT" in short), honoring him for his contributions to Autobot science and in particular the development of the 'immobilizer technology'.


Edit of 9 April 2011

In Roger's comments discussing the Sideswipe mold, I was suddenly reminded that I have omitted to post pics of one of the best exclusive Classics/ Henkei releases out there - Punch/ Counterpuch!

Here are some teaser pics. More pics have been updated into the main featured post "My Classics/ Henkei/ Generations/ United Collection".


  1. An awesome collection HD, and congrats for this photos of your Henkei/United ^^
    Beauty army of Scourges XDDD

  2. Do you feel the Henkei! versions of Dirge and Thrust are superior over the new Hasbro versions? While I love Dirge, I just can't get past his new design painted on the wings so I waited for the Hasbro version. Some day I'll do some comparison shots of the Hasbro seekers and the Botcon seekers.

  3. Beautiful HD, just beautiful. You should consider a few editions:

    1. The newest Unicron. It's gorgeous
    2. The newest Warpath
    3. e-Hobby Kup
    4. Fansproject Bruticus
    5. Takara USA Edition Onslaught, Powerglide & Silverbolt (although they're a bit big)
    6. Classics Devastator (a bit lame. I hope Fansproject does something with it)

  4. HD... Nice- but echoing Jay- FP Bruticus is must have.

    Also needs more Wheeljack. I just got United Wheeljack yesterday- can't put it down. Assuming you got one(of course you did) is it possible for you to do a review- comparing generations version and perhaps in contrast with a g1 wheeljack?

    And is there a reason why you are using Henkei legends Cliffjumper instead of the classics version? (Scale outweighs Henkei superiority here IMO).

  5. @ Predaking: Thanks for the kind words!

    @ Colbey: I think the Dirge/Thrust Henkei or Generations issue depends on preference. Some part of my thinks that the Generations versions are actually more accurate, but because I'm a sure stickler for consistency I naturally went for the Henkei versions.

    @ Jay: Thanks for your suggestions sir!
    1. I do have the 2010 Unicron if that's what you mean. The box is on the left of the Hard Hero Unicron statue in the pics (but I have not opened the 2010 Unicron yet... shhhh).
    2. Still trying to find that actually! I am refusing to order online in the belief that I will be able to find it in the shops here (fingers crossed).
    3. Mine has arrived but I have not collected it yet.
    4. I have FansProject Blast Off and Swindle, but am so far refusing to pay the asking prices for Universe Bruticus which is a really underwhelming toy (I was not willing to even pay the original retain price for Bruticus, so the second hand market prices are out of the question at the moment) ... it's a dilemma, but you got me there. I think FansProject should do one better and release their versions of Onslaught, Brawl and Vortex!
    5. Have USA Onslaught (never took pictures of), so far also abstaining from buying Silverbolt (who I understand is a shell former) and Powerglide (which is quite out of scale)... another dilemma. I just realised that I'm not really into the Ultra Class Classics/Universe Hasbro releases and by that token also do not have pieces like Hardhead or Darkwing.
    6. Was there a classics Devastator? I know TFC is doing one, which looks awesome, but its a little expensive. About USAD$600 for the 6 robots.

    @ gdmetro: Ah, yes, I forgot to put Wheeljack on there! Thing is, Wheeljack was released only after I have taken those shots. I will do a comparison of Generations and United Wheeljack when I pick my United Wheeljack up tomorrow (it's been more than a week and I still have not found the time to pick it up).

    Good question about the Henkei vs Classics Cliffjumper. I refused to buy Classics Cliffjumper back in the day for 2 reasons (1) he really is a cheap, straight without remolding, repaint of Bumblebee; and (2) hate the silver strips stuff on him. The upgrade kit did make it better, but since I'm hopeless at customising or painting, the silver strips still bother me very much (plus the FP Cliffjumper upgrade is so so expensive!). Have seen it on sale in HK on numerous occasions, but still no impetus to pick him up. So, no Cliffjumper for me, yet. He shall remain his diminutive Henkei version =)

  6. @ Jay: My eyes deceived me, sign. My 2010 Unicron is behind the Hard Hero Unicron statue and on the right of the Hard Hero Unicron statue's box.

  7. While Universe is underwhelimg by itself, the FP kit really lifts the ENTIRE toy. It might be sacrilege to say so, but it's my favorite overall Transformer.

    With Cliffjumper, I'm sort of with you in that I take uniqueness before scale. There is a new upgrade kit I'm expecting to arrive this week. Will let you know how it is.

    The Ultras are a bit crappy and out of scale. Of course, if you get FP Bruticus, Onslaught becomes redundant too. Ah yes! What about a matching Superion?! Devastator is an Energon repaint like the other two, but no FP kit to spice it up. And if you do retire Ultra Onslaught (or not), you can get Hardhead instead! (which is pretty awesome too)

  8. HD:

    I agree with your assessment on Classics Cliffjumper. There is a current 3rd party upgrade kit called "devil horns" to consider. The face sculpt isn't quite there though.

    Although if rumors from UltraMagnus (Ozformers) is true, there will be a Henkei/United re-release along with newer unreleased Generations moulds and Takara version of Classics Ultra Magnus/Cliffjumper. (I certainly hope this is true).

    BTW: What is your status on the TFC Devastator- is it a definite buy (assuming quality, etc are up to par)?

  9. I was one of the "sucker" who paid the 100 USD plus for ROTF Bruticus to complete the FP Bruticus and it's so not worth it.

    And to add to the heresy, I actually think that Munitioner and Explorer are just so so figures which is why I am not paying the current asking price (USD 44.99) for the repaints.

    And finally, I just got my eHobby yesterday and I am not too impressed. Scourge and Kup looks good. Scrap Heap is not bad, but I think United Wreck Gar is better. Rodimus is suffering from radiation sickness (sorry for the poor joke), Cyclonus's purple looks ridiculous and Galvatron, he looks good in robot mode but not vehicle mode.

  10. @ Jay: I think you could be right about the FP kit lifting Bruticus. I have seen it and it is impressive. However, 'getting' Bruticus involves buying the FP kit (not really cheap, but I have it) and the Universe Bruticus toy, which is expensive, but which you would immediately discard 2 pieces from forever(!). Also, as individual toys, each component is pretty unimpressive.

    I do have Superion with the FP upgrade kit. It makes the toy better, but to be honest, I would not have bought Universe Superion if it and the kit has not been cheap (paid about US$70 for everything in). At least in this instance, I didn't have to discard 2 pieces of toys to form Superion!

    @ gdmetro: I'm still not holding my breath for all these Cliffjumper kits at the moment because they still do not (I'm not expecting them to) fix the issue with the damn silver strips all over the body. It'd be great if Takara released a deluxe sized Cliffjumper in proper colours and headsculpt.

    TFC Devastator is unconfirmed for me. Other than FansProject which does good work, I have so far been unimpressed with the overall quality of design and materials from other 3rd parties like TFC, iGear, Perfect Effect, Impossible Toys and etc. TFC has not been putting out good quality stuff so far. Not sure at the moment. heh. What about you?

    @ Roger: Good to know at least another person shares my view on Bruticus. I think Munitioner is a good figure, I really like it. Explorer on the other hand is just not 'fun'. It's nice, but I wouldn't want to transform him if I didn't have to. And the sharp parts, my gosh, I think it should have a minimum age of 20 and above before handling - really sharp and dangerous.

    On the issue of eHobby United sets: I really am not expecting these 2 eHobby sets to blow me out of the water. I got them because I could get them relatively cheap and painlessly. The only figure I was looking forward to is Scrap Heap. Would really love to hear more of your thoughts on this figure.

    Classics/Henkei Galvatron mold is as expected - excruciatingly unexciting and really, shit design (pardon the French). Easily one of the worst molds/designs in the entire Classics/Henkei/Universe/United line. I can't think of a figure from the line that is more underwhelming and unexciting, not sure if you guys can...

  11. gdmetro: have added Wheeljack pics for your viewing pleasure, heh =)
    Will update when I pick up my United Wheeljack this evening...

  12. Well, it turns out I have a bit of a QC issue on my Scrap Heap. If you compare with this: http://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/ehobby-transformers-united-autobot-3-pack-scrap-heap-revealed/20410/, the visor on mine is not completely red, i.e. the paint application is uneven :(.

    Let's just say I like RTS Wreck Gar better (earlier I mistakenly compared it with United). No flames on the chest (although it does provide a distinction) and the above QC issue makes it so so, but that's probably just the luck of the draw.

    In terms of Munitioner, I don't like heavy backpacks, in my mind, they could have made it into a weapons storage, a detachable bazooka or something, so as to fit a weapons dealer better, but oh well. And to correct myself, the figures are not bad per se, but it's not 44.99 good (see the repaints).

    Just like you, I am prepared to be proven wrong on TFC devastator. Given the track record of TFC so far, I am sure it will be devastating to the end consumers.

  13. Hey Roger,

    How does your Scrap Heap's paint apps compare to this one?


  14. Argh, all this talk about Scrapheap... And I still have not picked mine up. Store was closed this evening when I was there.

  15. @Jay, that one is better by a bit. To quote one of the posters in the thread: "That looks like some crappy paint on Scrap Heap's eyes."

    The poster's Rodimus though is a bluer than mine. In fact mine can't seem to decide whether it's blue or green.

  16. Nice Picture.... Fans demmand Trailbreaker Generations now!!! :-P

  17. @ Roger: eHobby Rodimus is just... meh. I think the Rodimus toy itself is quite an underwhelming mold, which is saved by FansProject's Protector armour.

    @ Andres: Yes, Trailbreaker. And then repainted as Hoist!

  18. Indeed, the vehicle mode looks good, but the robot mode is quote horrible. I was reading Cliffbee a couple of days ago and he rated the figure 9.5!! Truly an Autobot fan. Hopefully Fansproject will make a trailer for this one.

  19. @ Roger: hmmm... I know Cliffbee personally and have meet him many times over the years. I thought his opinions are pretty balanced but I've had many people telling me that he is an Autobot softie (ie: Autobot toys there are not so great are given high ratings). heh. Do you mean a FansProject Protector amour that is in transparent Green?

  20. I think the Rodimus toy is an excellent tribute. Why the lack of love HD?

  21. @ Jay: I do think its a good tribute to the G1 toy. I just didn't think it is such a fun toy because the articulation is just not well done. For a Classics/Henkei, the arms are hardly articulate and the shoulder joints are inflexible. Also the tip of the shoulders will often be obstructed by the very large back piece (windshield of the car mode). Legs and waist are also not well articulated. I mean the articulation is there, but it's just not fun, its not 'smooth', there are obstructions. Examples of great tributes and fun Henkei toys are - Mirage, Hound, Bumblebee, Wheeljack/Tracks, Jazz, Megatron, Astrotrain... For the record, I'm not very fond of these molds either: Prowl/Bluestreak/Smokescreen, Jetfire, seeker molds, Octane. =)

  22. @HD: Thanks for the stand in wheeljack pics!

    Agree with your assessment of Classics Rodimus. FP Protector just improves on it so so much.

    I initially did not care for the Prowl mould either- but it has grown on me over time with proper posing- I don't hate it as much now but the flaws are still there.

    As for seeker mould, I quite like it. I'm interested to know what you don't like about it?

    I loved the Skyfire mould at first but the more I look at it now the more I want an update- Has/Tak really should have made this guy an ultra instead of the crappy ones they did. The feet really bug me.

  23. HD has said it all. To add my opinion, it's also about proportion. That backpack is just too big and the jutting windshield appears to give him a (ehem) b*tt. His legs need to be longer and FP protector gives him that. Overall I tend to think of him as the turtle guy from Dragonball.

    I just bought MOSC Streak and Sideswipe yesterday for a very good price. Now I am really afraid to open Streak at least :(

  24. @ gdmetro: I have a couple of issues with the seeker molds - (0) the launchers are too large such that you can't point them to the front without them clashing with the wings (this is my main dislike); (1) there's something about their feet, this spiky thing at their heel that makes them very difficult to balance (2) wings cannot fold at an angle like G1 (but I can live with this); (3) none of them have necks!; (4) would be nice to have both long and short missiles. I do think the mold is a good homage to G1, but its not a fun toy to play with (and in the sense is similar to the G1 seekers I guess).

    Skyfire/ Jetfire is a piece that bugs me. This is their one good chance to make-a-proper Skyfire and what did they do? They freaking made a hybrid between the G1 cartoon Skyfire design and a Macross Valkyrie. I mean, they are starting from scratch. Why have elements of the Valkyrie there like the booster pack, feet, tail section cover, the top of the plane mode, etc. I just don't understand. While to the robot mode looks okay (not a fan of the feet articulation), the jet mode is halfway between nowhere.

    @ Roger: What are you afraid of with Streak?

  25. Afraid of being disappointed I guess and indeed I am feeling a little bit let down. Why do they have to give him a "neck" and a weird looking one at that? It's like here's my head on a platter.

    On the other hand, I really like Sideswipe though. He's just lacking extra guns (I put the packaged one on his shoulder) so I gave him one of the Predacon's guns.

    Quick question: What's a fair price for a Mirage nowadays?

  26. @ Roger: Oh yeah, I totally agree with you. The head platter issue is my main hate when it comes to Prowl/ Streak/ Smokescreen. What was the designer thinking? The other things I don't like about that mold are (1) the damn feet cos its had to make the figure balance due to their design; and (2) the bloody doors/ side panels of the car. I almost always have to pop them out of their ball joints and reattach them during Transformation. Damn irritating.

    I think the Sideswipe/ Sunstreaker/ Red Alert/ Punch-Counterpunch mold is just brilliant.You can get 4 different characters out of it that are so different and yet each so similar in flavour to their G1 counterparts. This mold rates highly in my books for sure.

    Henkei Mirage - I'd say that I have no idea of this guys's price and so went to look at eBay. It's apparently selling for US$100 to $120 (MOSC) nowadays. It's even more expensive than the Electro-Disruptor exclusive clear Mirage which sells for half that price. Wow.

  27. @HD: I do not play with figures- merely posing/ displaying. But I can see your point with the seekers.

    Re: Skyfire: I agree with all your points- I thought about some of those issues before, but you have to remember that Hasbro exists. If only it were just Takara releasing/designing the figs...

    @Roger-Re: Henkei Mirage

    I think the ebay price of $100-120 is the current market value (no surprise). Even at that price, they are quite scarce as well and quickly snapped up. The only way this will drop in price is if Takara do a re-release. Maybe a KO in the vein of TC or SW might also affect the demand/ value slightly.

    For $100 I would be apprehensive to get one- but it is definitely an awesome figure. If you compare the price to that of Ironhide/Ratchet- I definitely think Mirage is a much better buy and more bang for buck (quality/design wise). If you are wanting a mirage, get the Henkei one since it makes the Hasbro version look like a KO. One of my favorites from the Henkei line period.

  28. @ gdmetro: True that, the figures are used mostly for display. Sometimes, I want to make them all point their laser blasters on Prime, like when the 3 seekers were fighting Prime in the Episode "Divide and Conquer", but I can't because the blasters are too big or the wings will have to be folded back. Heh. I'm a nerd.

    Re Mirage: not sure if Takara would do a re release of Mirage. It is one of the oldest Classic/ Henkei molds and have been in existence since 2006 (that's 5 years or half a decade ago!). I think the final time they were going to use Mirage is for the Generations 2009 Exclusive Electro Disruptor Mirage. Not very confident that they will re release Mirage. However, I think they are concentrating on the United figures and will at least re release figures that are recent and have became scarce in the last 1-2 years (eg: United Wave 1).

    Oh, I think Mirage is an awesome mold, one of the best in the Henkei line, even better than the Sideswipe/ Sunstreaker mold. My only complain with Henkei Mirage, and it is a very minor one, is that I wished his exhaust (behind the knees of both legs) were charcoal black like the Classics version rather than blue like the rest of the legs. But like I said, a very minor complaint.

  29. HD, where did you get the shoulder rocket launcher for Sideswipe? You mentioned that it's from Fansproject in one of your photos?

    Cheapest Mirage in Singapore is 64USD MOC, 76 MOSC. I think I am going to give them a pass for now. The highest I've paid for my Henkeis have been around the 35-36USD area (Sideswipe) and that's for the deluxe size and I still think that's pretty expensive.

    Electro Mirage goes for 80USD MOSC.

  30. @HD: Argh... After reading your post I must hunt down an Electro Disruptor Mirage!!

    If the seeker issue really bothers you, I believe there was a 3rd party upgrade kit "starscream coronation kit".

    A link:

    There are sleeker null rays, a coronation cape/crown and there are parts that fix the wing problem so it can be angled. (some assembly required- probably screwdriver needed etc.) Also came with a head for a Gobots leader 1 homage.

    @Roger: The sideswipe shoulder cannon is from the Fansproject G3 Trailer- which came with additional weapons, one of which is that shoulder cannon.

  31. @gdmetro Thanks for the tip. The G3 Trailer is kinda expensive though for what you are getting IMHO.

  32. @ Roger: yup, its from the G3 trailer. I initially didn't want to get the G3 Trailer, but bought it in HK when I found one for HKD$400 (which I think is pretty cheap). It is a very nice trailer, as would be expected from FansProject and its actually the base the 1984 and 1985 Autobots are standing on in the photos above.

    I think the highest I have paid for a Henkei is Ratchet at SGD$50. Got this in December last year.

    @ gdmetro: I have seen that 3rd party kit you mentioned. A little unsure whether I should get that. And if I do get it, then the million dollar question is whether I get it for all the seekers. Hahaha... Do you have it? Any pics from your end of things?

    With Electro Disruptor Mirage, my fear is that I can't tell the KOs from the real thing. I was very cautious about getting one and in fact just pushed the idea out of my head. That was, until my friend dug up some old inventory of his and found one, casefresh from the time that it was released. Only then, was I comfortable to buy this (knowing that it isn't a KO).

    My latest post in about 30mins, will feature this toy (amongst other things!).

  33. @ Roger: I don't know about Singapore, but online, the prices for G3 trailer have dropped significantly in the past 6 months- they were shelfwarming because people are not as interested in a trailer... boy will they regret it after this is long gone because it is a very underrated classics piece by FP. The weapons are crucial for the Henkei bots IMO- especially for Mirage's launcher, Hound's blaster, Bumblebee's pistol and sideswipe shoulder cannon.

    It is usual FP quality, and I just love the mirror mode that imitates cloaking of the trailer!

    @HD: I don't have the kit, just seen some youtube reviews of it. I think it's neat, but I only have 1 henkei starscream so he will not be coronated. I am also not as fussy with the wing articulation.

    Personally, if I did the wing change for one, I'd do it for all, provided I could get the colours to match-I think the parts are moulded in white- so it would look out of place on TC/SW. (Some painting could easily rectify this). It would also depend on how cheaply the kits can be obtained- probably cheap in HK.

    As for Electro Disruptor- going by KOToys- the KOs do not come with a box (at least they are not sold that way via KO channels) So I think as long as one gets it misb, should be okay.

    For me, there are still plenty of reputable online stores with the original stock that did not sell... I will probably get one on my next order from RK- your newer acquisitions pic just made me want it so BAD!!!!

    Are you going to open him up?

  34. @ gdmetro: I agree with your observations for the G3 trailer. I won't go so far as to say that the weapons are crucial to the Henkei bots, but I definitely agree that the 'bots are so much better with the weapons (can't be bothered with the sword though). Also, I use Bumblebee's gun as Hounds hologram gun, think its more suitable. And for Henkei Bumblebee, I gave him the Generations Cybertronian Bumblebee gun. Heh.

    Ah ok, so any Electro-distruptor Mirage that is in packaging is genuine? I remember that I did see KO Ghost Starscreams (and Thundercrackers) in packaging, so I assumed that they KO-ed it with packaging and all, which would make sense. I might have to do more research into this.

  35. @gdmetro, tfsource is having a discount on the clear mirage. 65USD before shipping.

  36. In the words of HD:

    "grabbed and ran"

    Thanks for the tip Roger!


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