23 December 2010

Death, death and more deathsaurus...!

Today is another 'big' day for acquisitions. Raided some shops at Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei and came home with the following...

- G1 Deathsaurus, C9.5, very minty, no accessories
- Brave series Deathsaurus MIB, complete, minty
- RTS Grapple MISB (HKD$298)
- Transformers United Cybertronian mode Soundwave (HKD$170)
- Transformers United Cybertronian mode Cliffjumper (HKD$160)
- and... C-100: Doublecross MISB!


  1. Nice adquisition!! I don now nothing about Brave series but their look very fine. Im trying to complete my 1987 TF series, i dont now why but it look that their are more expensives whit the time.
    Hey dont forgot to check my new adquisition. I would show a nice one close to end of the year!

  2. Thanks man. Yup, the 1987 toys are getting more and more expensive. A reason for that could be because they have never been reissued nor does it look like they will be reissued. I consider that 1987 is one of the last years in the US line which has good quality, solid stuff. The toy quality seems to have gone down in 1988 for the US line and its pretty much downhill from there.

    Wow, waiting in anticipation of what you are going to unveil in at the end of the year!


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