15 December 2010

Large haul of vintage Japanese paperworks

Got my hands on an amazing lot of vintage Japanese Transformers paperworks today. I am pretty amazed I can still find a stash as large as this in HK, in the present day - lots of bio-cards, unused sticker sheets, some instruction sheets and the sealed paperworks bags for Galvatron and Hun-Grrr.


  1. Very, very nice Pre-Xmas haul there Heroic!
    It is insane that you've been able to track down such relics, as they all look to be in great condition aside from the backing cards.
    Well done on the Motormaster & Hun-grr paperwork but I'm so envious of that unused Cyclonus sticker sheet dude, my Cyclonus is feeling quite bare :p, are they for the regular or Targetmaster version?
    Finally ;) - Man those Bio cards look cool, I'd not be able to read any of them but for the G1 Boxart on them I'd definitely like to try and collect them. How rare are they dude?

  2. hey Hursty! Thanks for the kind words. The unused sticker sheets are actually for Galvatron, Hun-Grrr and Deszaras.

    There is nothing too much to read on the bio-cards other than 3-4 lines of their specs at the back. I don't know how rare they are, but they are usually sold with each toy (ie: they are part of the Japanese paperworks package for each toy). I don't think I've seen them being sold separately much, so not sure.

    I am really glad to be able to get the Misfire and Snapdragon cards, two of my favourite G1 characters.

  3. Amazing haul. I'm impressed with Perceptor, especially.


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