30 March 2014

Takara Fight! Super Robot Life 45-Smokescreen MIB and MP-19: Smokescreen

This is odd.

I prepared the draft for this post ages ago,photos and all.  I just clean omitted to click 'publish'! Shoot me for being an idiot.

This was done at a time where my acquisition of the Japanese boxed 45 - Smokescreen coincided with the release of Takara's MP-19: Smokescreen, the last of the Z-cars at the time.

So now, I fix my error. I thought I was going to do another 'Robots and Coffee' thing, Gassy Autobot style this Sunday morning, but hey, why not revisit Smokescreen, my old friend, who I missed out posting about at the time of release of the MP?

Also, this is a character that means a lot to my buddy Maz, so this is dedicated to him too, on this fine Sunday morning. Maz also blogs now, over at Square One - check it out, Smokescreen can wait.

29 March 2014

Saturday MPs with coffee and breakfast

Masterpiece 13: Soundwave and Masterpiece 13B: Soundblaster with coffee and bread

28 March 2014

Maz's ambassador series - Third Party TFs and my selection of TFX-01: City Commander

So it's now up to Part 5 of Maz's ambassador series and enter a further contribution by me - for the Third Party FansProject Ambassador - the City Commander armour!

Read Maz's article here.

I took some photos for the purposes of the article, and thought I should just share it here for everyone to see (since the article can only accommodate a limited number of photos per contributor).

23 March 2014

Weekend robots and coffee and comics

So, in the vein of what the Gassy Autobot usually does, here are some Transformers and coffee shots over the weekend (coffee from my trusty Nespresso machine).

Breakfast, coffee, Transformers and graphic novels. Lovely.



20 March 2014

PE-DX03 - Perfect Effect Warden aka IDW's Fortress Maximus - a short review

This is one of the best third party toys I have ever seen.

It's not an embellishment, it's quite the truth.

I have been there from the beginning, since FansProject's City Commander, commonly regarded as the third party toy that started it all. And I still think Perfect Effect's PE-DX03: Warden is one of the best third party toys out there.

It hits all the right notes. It's highly detailed, beautifully sculpted and there is so much play value - it transforms into so many relevant things. Also, there are die-cast parts and the tank threads are rubber!

Amazing yeah?

It is at once (1) IDW's Fortress Maximus (based very closely on Milne's design way back from Spotlight Arcee); (2) an add on kit to G1 Fortress Maximus; and (3) a headmaster of the G1 variety.

I am truely delighted, yet surprised, that PE could make the jump from what to me were a string of pretty mediocre releases to this marvel of design, engineering and construction.

So here it is, with a Milne page that is no doubt the inspiration for the toy.

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