30 December 2010

Transformers Zone, C-349: Road Fire MIB (Part 2)

Before getting to the pictures, I quote Road Fire's profile from TF Wiki:
"Road Fire is usually what one would call a "gentle giant". Despite his enormous size, strength and skill, he remains friendly and good-natured to all around him. Until the fighting starts. Once battle breaks out, so does a much more hardened Road Fire, willing to go all-out to defeat any enemy and fight to the bitter end.

He can combine with Dai Atlas to form Land Powered or with Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber to form Big Powered."

Here are pictures of Road Fire out of the box:

All very fresh and minty for a 20 year old toy.

Road Fire's large cannon is behind the robot in the packaging. Smart way to package the toy.

Road Fire does not have too many parts - just the front of the tank and a large cannon.

Road Fire in tank mode

C-349: Road Fire with C-347: Sonic Bomber

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