30 September 2013

Today's acquisition - MP-17: Prowl (Autobot Military Strategist)

Hot off the presses, MP-17: Prowl.

Went to pick it up after work today.

Tomorrow is a public holiday. Guess what photography I'll be doing?

Cracked it open, but not transformed it yet. Will transform it as I am having my breakfast tomorrow.

Gratuitous photo of (top row) G1 rub-sign Prowl box, Takara 09 - Prowl MIB; (middle row) G1 pre-rub Prowl MIB, MP-17: Prowl MIB; and (bottom row) G1 rub-sign Prowl loose, MP-17: Prowl loose.

Stay tuned at HeroicDecepticon.com for more updates!

29 September 2013

Why I (continue) to collect (Transformers)

I'm literally taking a page out of Colbey's blog, Random Toy Reviews, and putting up on my blog reasons why I collect.

Like Colbey, I was also invited by Maz to contributeto TF Source's articles by writing some thoughts about why I continue to collect; but unlike him, I did not submit my contributions on time. Therefore, my thoughts did not make 'publication' here on TF Source.

So, I thought I might as well put my thoughts on my own blog, which I have to say I have not updated in some time (don't worry, updates are coming). Therefore, in 'print' for the first time, my thoughts on why I continue to collect Transformers more than 30 years after their initial release...

It’s crazy right? I was there as a (very) young pup in 1984 when Transformers were first released by Hasbro into the world. Now, nearly 30 years on, I am still collecting Transformers. It’s crazy, right? Perhaps not if we dig a little deeper…

Some say that collectors are people who look back, but hardly look forward. It’s difficult to argue with the veracity of that statement – collectors do look back at ‘what they used to have’ and ‘what they used to want’ in order to formulate their intent for what they want to buy. It’s not very different for me – I am a collector and I look back all the time. I never got pieces like G1 Bluestreak, G1 Ravage, G1 Pointblank and G1 Snapdragon when I was young. So now, these are my high priority pieces to acquire and acquire again and again, because, hey, what’s worth doing to worth overdoing.

Still, saying that I continue to collect, 30 years after the event, because I like to look back at the past is hardly a robust explanation. What’s perhaps more essential is why I continue to look into the past. Quoting Randal Graves from Clerks II “they [ie: Transformers] remind me of a better time in my life… like when we were young and the world was still in front of us”.

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