24 November 2010

Vintage Headmasters Promotional Vinyl sheet and Henkei Ghost Starscream

Guess what, went to Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok again today and picked up something vintage and quite special, to my surprise. I found this vintage piece of promotional vinyl, around the size of a mouse pad, for the Headmasters series. It is date stamped "1987". On the front, it has an anime like drawing of the key Headmaster characters. On the back, it shows pictures of the 1987 Headmaster toys, including Sixshot and some Beastformers. Very interesting piece.

Also picked up Ghost Starscream (Henkei version) just for fun.

18 November 2010

Henkei Smokescreen and Device Label Broadblast

Went to the shops after work today, in particular Shop 221 on Yau Ma Tei to chat with the owner about Impossible Toys Arcee. To my delight, he got a 'new' batch of Henkeis in and one of them is Henkei Smokescreen (to me one the rare ones which I have not ever seen before and does not have a US release). Grabbed it for HKD$300

Also saw that he had a Device Label Broadblast on sale and managed to bargain down the price to HKD$360!

2 very nice acquisitions that I'm happy about.

15 November 2010

More Henkei acquisitions - Sideswipe, Hound and Red Alert

Went toy shopping with E on tonight after work at Wan Chai. Happened upon some Henkeis being sold as a set - Hound, Sideswipe and Red Alert.

Apparently Red Alert is pretty rare and expensive even on eBay, so I was told. Am glad I got this Henkei version since its very much nicer in terms of paint apps than the recent Generations version.

12 November 2010

The Five Faces of Darkness

E wanted to walk around and browse toy shops with me tonight. We went to Yau Ma Tei and then to Mong Kok. In one of the shops, I saw a guy selling QUINT-01, the Judge Quintesson which I missed out on getting some years ago. I inquired as to price and he said that he was actually selling all 4 Quintessons released by Impossible Toys as a set!

The asking price is reasonable, but not cheap. So E and I went away and had to think about it. I'm quite interested in this set because I'm so near into completing the Henkei-verse and these will fit right in with that more so than with the G1 figures. Also, the boxes for these guys are very G1-ish and nice.

Bought the set of 4 in the end:
  • QUINT-01: Judge (as seen in TFTM and Five Faces of Darkness and other G1 episodes)
  • QUINT-02: Scientist (as seen in Dwellers of the Deep)
  • QUINT-03: Prosecutor (as seen in TFTM)
  • QUINT-04: Executioner (as seen in TFTM and is the model for the Quintesson generals in Marvel UK's "Space Pirates").

On opening them up, I discovered that the quality of the figures are not so great compared with other fan customs (eg: FansProject), but it still is a nice set in any battleground of the Henkei-verse!

09 November 2010

Henkei Hot Rodimus and Henkei Cyclonus

I was in a little bit of a fluster last week having seen how sweet the FansProject Protector armour is going to be. My problem is this: I sold my Classics Hot Rodimus more than 2 years ago and never got around to getting the Henkei one.

My buddies at OZ Formers suggested that the Henkei version goes best with the Protector amour. I tend to believe their judgment. So I decided to go out and hunt for the Henkei Hot Rod. Here comes the second problem - he goes for between US$100 to US$150, way too much for a recent release. For that amount, I'd rather buy a vintage G1 figure.

I decided that since I am in HK, now, nothing is impossible. I just have to look really really hard at each and every toy shop. Surely someone here must have a Henkei Hot Rod for sale at a reasonable price, right? After lots and lots of looking and literally hundreds of shops later, I did find a Henkei Hot Rod tonight - for HK$450. That's AUD$57.44 and highly highly reasonable in the context of the stratospheric prices for this piece nowadays. Needless to say, I grabbed it and ran, and never looked back.

Ran into another shop and into Henkei Cyclonus, another Henkei piece I have been looking for. This one for HK$299 (approx AUD$38.16; SGD$49.67). A very good price too considering that I have seen pieces sell for HK$580 and in Singapore for SGD$70. So, I grabbed it too and ran.

2 'rare' Henkeis in a day. Not bad for a Tuesday.

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