30 December 2010

Transformers Zone, C-348: Dai Atlas MIB (Part 2)

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Before getting to the pictures, I quote Dai Atlas' profile from TF Wiki:

"Dai Atlas (ダイアトラス Dai Atorasu) succeeded Star Saber as Supreme Commander of the Autobot forces. A skilled swordsman, his prowess with a blade is considered almost equal to that of his predecessor. Dai Atlas has sworn to defeat the forces of the new Decepticon Emperor of Destruction, Violen Jiger, and protect the Zodiac at all costs.

Dai Atlas is a Powered Master who can combine with his partners. When combined with Sonic Bomber, they become Sky Powered. When combined with Road Fire, they become Land Powered. And finally, when combined with Sonic Bomber and Road Fire, the three form the massive Big Powered.

His son Speeder accompanies him in battle as his Micromaster partner."

Note to self - despite the profile, Dai Atlas does not come with a blade or sword or any such appendage.

Here are some detailed pictures of Dai Atlas out of his box.

There is this piece of rounded plastic which supposedly is for preventing Dai Atlas' chest from puncturing the box's plastic window. Didn't work so well in this case.

This figure has lots of parts, many of which are tiny, and a lot of paperworks

Exclusive poster


See the rest of Big Powered

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  1. You can combine his wings to form the "Z-Sword."


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