30 December 2010

Transformers Zone, C-348: Dai Atlas MIB (Part 1)

I had long wanted to get Big Powered as a giftset. The giftset has proven very elusive and in the interim, I managed to get C-347: Sonic Bomber and C-349: Road Fire in individual boxes, from Japan. As I've said before, my preference is for individual boxes because (to put it in a simple way), each Transformer character is so distinct it deserves to be packaged individually, and, because individual boxes means more prominent box art.

C-348: Dai Atlas was the last of the trio needed to complete Big Powered. I bought this piece from a Oz Former/TFW2005 member and friend, KC. Except for some slight yellowing which I managed to fix with H2O2 and a slightly damaged box, this piece is in very mint condition and the stickers are very minty too.

C-348: Dai Atlas
Box = C6.5, no major tears or rips, but slightly water damaged and warped in some places, plastic window punctured.
Toy = C9.5
Stickers = C9.5
Paperworks = complete, with used sticker sheet

Box top

Box bottom

Back of box
Box details

Beautiful box art once more

Robot points

Bio card

Back of box

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