21 December 2010

Back in Hong Kong acquisitions

Back in Hong Kong from Singapore. Went strolling around during lunch time and went into one of my favourite shops in the CC Wu Building. Very fortunate that the owner had vintage stock arriving from Japan today. 

Managed to pick these up hot off the press even before he had a chance to sort them out and put price tags on them.

39 - Perceptor MISB! Wow!


  1. that is one great looking perceptor, box looks beautiful, We are so deprived of all the good stuff over here

    - Sharky

  2. I hate you man, only for live in Asia :-P I cant stop to imagine all the figures that you can find there.

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys!

    @ Steve: It's a very good feeling to be able to walk around and physically pick stuff up, after being in Australia for 7 years (all of which I had to depend on eBay).

    @ Andres: Hi sir, long time since I heard from you! Hope you are well, and please don't hate me... I'm going to have sleepless nights... anyway, check out the other G1 vintage Japanese MISB toy I picked up today... heh


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