26 February 2014

one toy to rule them all - one ambassador to choose

In the first of his 'Ambassadors' series of articles, Maz asked the question "What toy would you choose to represent an entire toy line, if you had ONE choice, one toy you could pitch to a non-collector in order to sell the line?".

What I think he meant, was for a selection of 1 toy, from a specific line, to be an ambassador to that line of toys, in the Transformers context of course. As an example, the selection of G1 Optimus Prime as an ambassador of the G1 USA line, as a toy one could use to pitch to a non-collector in order to get the non-collector interested in that line, and so on and so forth.

I was asked to pitch in, and I have - in relation to my selection of an 'ambassador toy' for the Japanese G1 (exclusives) line.

The bad news? My pitch is not published yet.

The good new? Pitches from other stella contributors has been published already! Check them out here: Ambassadors – Part 1, featuring contributions by Gordon, Tony, Sid and Bryce.

This is also now being discussed on TFW: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-toy-discussion/976398-ambassadors-part-1-tfsource-article.html

On Seibertron here: http://www.seibertron.com/energonpub/ambassadors-part-1-tfsource-article-t98851.php

So... one toy to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them?

Which will it be?

15 February 2014

A very special gift - Bluestreak sketch by Alex Milne on Drift #4, Canadian C4 exclusive cover

After checking my letterbox this yesterday and then again this morning, I was sure that the comics loot from Maz (and a friend) would not be arriving today (Saturday).

After lunch with E, and a relatively long drive home because the traffic was so heavy, the concierge guys downstairs passed me a package as I walked through the front lobby - whoa, it was the package from Maz, it has arrived indeed!

Maz has kindly over the past months diligently helped with acquire past MTMTE comics with covers that I previously missed out on. Mostly, these were the nice Milne covers. Now, 'hidden' in this lot of about 10+ comics, I knew there was a gift from another collector buddy, that was passed to Maz to include in this comics package. Prior to today, I had no idea what it was, but just knew it was 'a surprise'.

After opening the package (immediately on reaching home), I soon discovered that this gift was likely to be a comic - because all that the package contained were comics. To compound matters, there were not 1 but 2 comics with double backing-boards, one on the front and another at the back, so that the entire comic was covered / concealed.

Ok, it's probably one of these I thought.

I removed the boards for one of them and it was the Roche cover for MTMTE #1. Ok, this I was expecting because its one of them that Maz told me he had obtained for me.

So, I opened the next one... and here it is.

I was stunned beyond words. I just gaped at the comic. I saw...
- "For Brandon"
- I saw it was Bluestreak
- I saw it was signed by Milne!

09 February 2014

Hasbro 1985 Series 2 Jetfire MIB (Matsushiro too)

Recently, I purchased 3 USA MIB Transformers from a TFW2005 member, 2punish&enslave. One of them was a MIB Jetfire.

It's taken me quite some time, but I never seem to get this guy right. This is the 6th Jetfire that has been in my collection. Variously, none of the ones before this was quite right. I have 2 other MIB Jetfires, but somehow, they were variously, 'not right' - whether its the toy, the armour, or the box. I had them, but subconsciously, they were not exactly up to my expectations.

Holding this MIB Jetfire really changed all that. This one, I feel, is 'right'.

08 February 2014

A More Than Meets the Eye breakfast...

Peanut butter bread, nutella bread and coffee (in a tea set from my godmum) for breakfast, while reading IDW's More Than Meets the Eye #26, in front of my new arrivals Jetfire MIB, pre-rub Soundwave MIB and pre-rub Thundercracker MIB.

A truly More Than Meets the Eye breakfast!
(Roberts continues to delight, Barber carries on disappointing...)

Beautiful G1 specimens from the USA from TFW seller '2punish&enslave'. Check out his sale thread here.

03 February 2014

another one checked off my Wants List - Japanese 37 - Devstar (Constructicons / Devastator) giftset

I actually traded a giftset for this 37-Devstar giftset while I was in Singapore a week and a bit ago. It was a good trade, and brings me closer to my aim of completing a certain segment of the Japanese TFs.

Another step closer to finishing up my Want List.

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