31 July 2009

More Transformers auctions on eBay

Listed another small lot of TFs on eBay tonight. Listing was cut short due to dinner cooking commitments and the nightly catch up of Lost Season 1 episodes. That means another couple of auctions more to list tomorrow.

Today's lot includes the amazing 'Masterpiece' Roller custom, that for whatever arcane probably legalistic reason, is called Battle Rollar. This is an incredibly detailed piece and is a thing of beauty to behold. It has just the right touch of detail balanced by a subtle colour scheme with a transformation sequence that just works. I marvel at this every time I look at it, and, like mentioned in the auction, am only selling it because its a spare that a friend didn't want as his birthday present. He instead preferred a Transformer artbook.

Link to auctions: Heroic Decepticon's eBay auctions

5% discount for pick up from Sydney city applies to the new lot of listed toys as well.

30 July 2009

Autotwats and Decepticles

Nice way of putting it but not far from the truth:

"In order to avoid confusion between REAL Transformers and BAY's Transformers, I shall now and forever refer to the two factions in his films as "Autotwats" and "Decepticles." Anyone who thinks that's too insulting and that I'm just some fanboy nerd bitching, I would just like everyone to remember that there were testicles on asexual robots. Thank you." - MattK at Topless Robot

Why in gward's name were there testicles on Devastator? Why?!? Does anybody out there know the answer? I'd like to know. Really.

Transformers Auctions on eBay

I have just listed a batch of Transformers for auction on eBay. I will be listing another batch tomorrow.

Please follow this link to my eBay auctions (might not be updated yet, but auctions will show within the next couple of hours): Heroic Decepticon's eBay auctions

I'm offering a pick up option from Sydney city that attracts a 5% discount.

21 July 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

I hope you have not seen this movie.

I just had to write something to record my dislike, nay, distaste for what was a 2.5 hour clusterf**k with unintelligible dialogue and very crude attempts at comedy. What a sorry excuse of a movie and an insult to the Transformers brand name and franchise.

Coming from a Transformer fan since 1984, this movie was soul-crushingly disgraceful. I am an icy sliver away from hiding in a hole and declaring myself a Go-Bots fan.

While I would very much like to justify what I said above, dredging up memories of the movie would just be too excruciatingly painful. Instead, I'd point to the following reviews which more or less nails why Revenge of the Fallen must surely have set a new low in terms of movies.

TR Review of Revenge of the Fallen
Rob's Transformers 2 FAQ

"I don't know when 'stupid' became an acceptable attribute for summer movies -- especially when we've had Iron Man and The Dark Knight in the last two years, two summer movies that were smart and fun and wonderful and required no brain turning off." - Topless Robot

I hope you have not seen the movie.

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