23 October 2010

Some stuff I had for long time - 1985 Whirl MIB

This is the fourth Transformer I dug up to photograph which in Singapore. It's none other than Roadbuster's buddy and fellow Wrecker - Whirl.

Love this mold as well, except for the loose arms of course. This is a very nice MIB sample of Whirl, complete with all parts, paperworks and also his very minty bubble insert and insert tray.

The 1985 "Deluxe Autobots" Whirl and Roadbuster MIB!

Some stuff I had for long time - 1985 Roadbuster MIB

This is the third Transformer I recently dug up and photographed. 

I have always liked this since 1985. It's a beautiful piece. Totally beyond my reach as a kid in 1985 because of price range. That is why I went through 3 MIB Roadbusters to get the best one in terms of the box condition, the toy, the sticker condition and its sheer completeness (Roadbuster being very notoriously difficult to obtain complete).

Here he is, a key member of the Wreckers, Roadbuster!

Beautiful, almost flawless front-face of the box

Check out the number of parts. No wonder its so difficult to complete this guy, especially in today's post "Last Stand of the Wreckers" market.

"Made in Japan"

The 1985 "Deluxe Autobots" Whirl and Roadbuster

Some stuff I had for long time - 1986 Blurr MIB

This is the second Transformer I recently dug up and photographed. The very photogenic Autobot Courier - Blurr!

Some stuff I had for long time - 1986 Kup MIB

Was back in Singapore for 1.5 days 2 weeks ago and managed to take pictures of some Transformers I've had for sometime but not really 'documented'.

Here is the first: Kup MIB, first introduced in the 1986 Transformers: The Movie.

19 October 2010

Another day, another Henkei

Was at the client's office today. The office happens to be near Wan Chai 188 Shopping Centre and so I went there for a wander after work.

Lo and behold, another Henkei aquisition. This time its Skyfire MISB for HKD$260.

18 October 2010

Sunday and Monday acquisitions

Was out with jgon and his wife for lunch yesterday and we took the chance to go for some toy hunting in tandem. There wasn't much of interest in the Causeway Bay area. I spotted a pretty expensive Hard Hero Unicron statue, which was tempting except for the price.

I did manage to get Henkei C-19: Spy Team for HKD$100 though.

Walked around a little after work today and picked up Henkei Ironhide MOC (HKD$250), Mirage MOSC (HKD$350) and C-18: Attack Team MOSC (HKD$160). Mirage is absolutely beautiful and a steal really.

A photo.

17 October 2010

Transformers Victory, Hero giftset MIB, unused (aka Classic Pretenders)

One of my few unexpected buys a week shy of me hitting the shores of Hong Kong. I acquired this when I was out for a 'smash and grab' with my buddy jgon. I first saw this in Mandarake Japan back in January this year and it was shockingly expensive to the tune of US$400+. I was intrigued about why its so expensive and so when I saw one going cheaper, I jumped at the chance to get it.

I have very little interest in the so called "Classic Pretender" molds because, bar Bumblebee, I think they are poor representations of the characters. However, this set was just too minty and priced too well to pass up.

Into the acquisition basket it went!

No flap crease

Unused sticker sheets

The vinyl covering the toys is still sealed at both ends





I will now be moderating comments

Over the weekend someone or some organisation or some what-not spammed this site.

Some comment about 4 to 5 lines long about hotels and stuff in mandarin was posted as a comment in more than 90 of the entries on HeroicDecepticon.com. I cannot be bothered to read what it said. I don't care. It's just spam.

I have reported the user to Google and will now be taking the precaution of moderating all comments posted on this site. I apologise if your comments take a little longer to appear on the site. I don't foresee that it will take me more than a 12 hour period to moderate comments.

I  want to keep this site as open as possible and continue welcome any and all comments, just not spam.

~ HD

16 October 2010

Hello Honkers! - some acquisitions

I have been in Hong Kong for almost a week now. Just got internet connection yesterday, thanks to E! Have not be slack in my acquisitions, both during my stopover in Singapore, and now that I'm in Hong Kong.

These are some acquisitions from Singapore.

Collected the long-awaited Justitoys WST Shockwave and Blaster from Falcon's Hangar. (Also collected my 1:6 Scale Hot Toys Batmobile and The Dark Knight version 2, but no pictures of these).

Collected this from my brother who has been holding it on escrow for me for some months - D308: Browning MIB, complete unused, complete paperworks and stickers unapplied.

Bought these from China Square Central on 10 October 2010. MOSC Henkei Bumblebee (SGD$25), Hound (SGD$35) and Ramjet (SGD$50).


These are the recent Hong Kong acquisitions.

11 October 2010
Masters of the Universe Classics - She-Ra MOSC (HKD$280) and Henkei Starscream MOSC (HKD$240). I missed out on buying She-Ra during the last Parramatta Collectibles Fair that I was at and was giving myself a little of a hard time over it. Glad that I found it in HK and at a lower price than the AUD$60 that the seller at Parra Fair wanted his She-Ra for.

12 October 2010
Generations Drift and Red Alert MOSC for HKD$108 each. Really don't like the Drift character but have heard rave reviews of his toy. Bought it to check veracity, heh.

Takara DX Brave series Dag Base, C9.5, complete, complete paperworks, stickers unapplied. I bought this because it is a very well done retool of C-371: Grandus and also because the price was so so good. I have since learnt from Sky Shadow of OZ Formers that Dag Base is actually an official Transformer now - called Dug Base in Transformers: Animated.

Autobot and Decepticon insignia keychains for E and my new Honkers keys!

13 October 2010
Bought this very cool t-shirt with 'q' type Batman, Spider-Man, Masked Rider, Optimus Prime and Superman in front.

15 October 2010
This is a big day. It started out with E getting us our internet connection. Once I went online, I managed to get in contact with long time buddy jgon from OZ Formers who has just touched down in HK from Beijing! He quickly suggested to go do some "smash and grab" and I said "why not? let's do it!". So off we were to the key toy shops that stocked G1 and oh, was it a big day.

This is a summary of aquisitions.

Victory series Hero (Classic Pretenders) giftset, MIB, unused toys, unused paperworks, no flap crease; and D-304: Hydra, D-305: Buster and D-306: Darkwings giftset (complete paperworks, no flap crease)! Got all these at a significant amount below eBay market prices too. Woot!
Victory series Hero (Classic Pretenders) giftset, MIB, unused toys, unused paperworks, no flap crease.

 D-306: Darkwings giftset MIB, minty toys, complete paperworks, no flap crease.

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