28 July 2010

D-328: Dinoking Giftset - Photos Part 2

The previous chapter featured photos that are predominantly focused on the outer giftset box of Dinoking. Not that its not impressive or important, its a giftset box after all, but then the real gems lie inside the box. Cracking it open, I present to you some interior shots of the Dinoking giftset and its one of a kind insert, which surprisingly, is not styrofoam.

Dinoking giftset out of the box. Parts in original baggy. Unused sticker sheet. My Dinoking giftset didn't come with the instructions and catalogs.  Oh well, can't win it all.

The set actually comes with an additional piece of thick plastic that goes over the shells, presumably to prevent the shells which is made of a rubbery material, from coming into contact with the plastic window of the box.

Another shot of the plastic covering.

A shot of the area where plastic covering was taped to the insert tray.

Close up shot of the full insert tray.

The back of the insert tray. Notice that there are pieces of cardboard along the insert tray presumably to give it added support.

The Dinoking bio-card. Like all Victory boxed toys, the bio-card is not individually included but is printed onto a flap of the box.

D-322: Gouryu (aka: Icepick; aka: 剛竜, "Hard Dragon")

D-323: Gairyu (aka: Bristleback; aka: 貝竜, "Shell Dragon")

D-324: Kakuryu (aka: Slog; aka: 角竜, "Horned Dragon")

D-325: Doryu (aka: Scowl; aka: 土竜, "Earth Dragon")

D-326: Yokuryu (aka: Wildfly; aka: 翼竜, "Winged Dragon")
Right now, I'm thinking that I like Yokuryu's shell the most. Very nice sculpt and head sculpt. Very reminiscent of Swoop too.

D-327: Birdbrain = Rairyu (aka: Birdbrain; aka: 雷竜, "Thunder Dragon")
This is a strange one and the guy is probably having an identity crisis. As part of the Monster Pretenders, "Birdbrain" had a bird-like feathered flying shell. As part of Dinoforce, he is Rairyu and has a shell modelled after one of the heaviest and most lumbering dinosaurs, a brontosaurus. I like this shell too, I like its colour scheme. Very reminiscent of Sludge and is easily one of the largest Dinoforce shells by length.

Close up shots of the robots.

Goryu and Doryu

Gairyu and Yokoryu

Karkaryu and Rairyu

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24 July 2010

I would have waited an eternity for...... C-326

After close to 10 months of searching and 'begging' people who seem to have it, I've finally finally won an auction for it today:
- MIB;
- good condition box;
- complete paperworks; and
- at a good price.


(PS: don't enjoy begging people to sell me a toy. It's like reverse begging, cos I'm actually begging them to give them money. Glad I no longer have to do that. heh.)

20 July 2010

C-303: My goddess Minerva

It took awhile and a lot of searching and in the end I managed to find a Masterforce C-303: Minerva (Minelba) in unused, bone white and C9.5 condition. This is a very rare piece and perhaps, also highly sought after by collectors wishing to finish up their "Japanese Exclusive" G1 Transformers. line up To my mind, the Minerva is probably a rarity among the rare and the other pieces that are nearly as rare as (or rarer than) Minerva are figures like: the W cassettes, the 6 headmaster heads (plus their white versions), Go-Shooter, Galaxy Shuttle, Black Shadow, Blue Bacchus, Dinoking and the like.

Minerva is an interesting name for a Transformer. Minerva is a Roman goddess.

"The name "Minerva" may come from the Indo-European root 'men', from which "mental" and "mind" are also derived. However, the non-Indo-European speaking Etruscans had a goddess Menrva, so the name may be of entirely unknown derivation. Minerva was the daughter of Jupiter and Metis. She was considered to be the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, crafts, and the inventor of music. As 'Minerva Medica', she was the goddess of medicine and doctors.

Adapting Greek myths about Athena, Romans said that Minerva was not born in the usual way, but rather sprang fully armed from the brain of her father; this image has captivated Western writers and artists through the ages. Ovid called her the "goddess of a thousand works." Minerva was worshipped throughout Italy, though only in Rome did she take on a warlike character. Minerva is usually depicted wearing a coat of mail and a helmet, and carrying a spear." (referenced from Crystalinks)

I'm 90% satisfied with this Minerva, but it'd be perfect if I could also get the box and styrofoam for this figure. It's a very nice figure and certainly a notch up from the figure it was repainted from - Nightbeat (although, don't let Simon Furman hear me say this of one of his pet favourites!).

Some pictures of Minerva...

Close up of face. Mmmm... blue eyes for Autobot, nice.

Rescue ambulance mode

Minerva driver in seat

Rescue ambulance in attack mode. Okay, I think defence mode makes more sense since an ambulance or rescue vehicle is unlikely to go on the offense and attack.

Date stamp: "Takara 1987, Taiwan". This pretty girl's made in Taiwan, figures.

Robot Mode

Goddess of wisdom deep in thought

C-303: Minerva / Minelba with instructions and unapplied sticker sheet

Update 31 December 2010

Go-Shuta with fellow Masterforce Headmaster juniors - Carb and Minerva

Masterforce Headmaster juniors with their US counterparts. Left to right: Go-Shooter, Siren, Carb/Hosehead, Nightbeat, Minerva

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18 July 2010

New Arrivals - a surprise on Sunday

I was waiting in great anticipation over the course of this week for some Transformers I bought to arrive. Since they were posted by EMS, I made it a point to check their status daily using EMS Tracking. It was fun to see where they are and know how soon I might expect them. On 15 July, the status on the EMS system said "Delivered". So I headed home, with great anticipation and a tinge of excitement I might add, full expecting to see a slip of paper in my letter box telling me to collect my parcel from concierge.

They didn't arrive. This was Thursday.

On Friday, I checked again. Still no slip of paper from concierge.

I sneaked a check on Saturday. Still nothing.
This morning, I got a call from concierge through the intercom. The lady at the other end said "you have 2 parcels waiting for you to collect."

"Wow!", that's great news I thought.

Went for lunch and came back to collect the stuff. I broke them out right-away and transformed them with E. These are what arrived today:
  • C-347: Sonic Bomber MIB;
  • C-349: Road Fire MIB;
  • C-303: Minerva (stickers unapplied);
  • Construction Patrol; and 
  • Race Track Patrol.
I like the Race Track Patrol. It is one of the crazier but to me, quite special patrols. I can't put my finger on why, but its a great set of figures. I was completely blown away by Sonic Bomber and Road Fire. To be honest, I never expected them to be such nice figures and also never expected them to come with motorised action as well. They are the very standard G1-type 'brick' figure with very limited articulation and that's just the way I like it. Very nicely sized and very classic G1-esque design for a line that was at the very tail end of G1 and so much better than the US and Europe releases of the same year. I have them right next to me as I'm writing this. heh.
Here are some preliminary pictures, more to follow obviously.

Micromasters: Sonic (came with Sonic Bomber), Drill Buster (came with Road Fire) and Metrobomb (came with Metrotitan), Construction Patrol and Race Track Patrol

C-303: Minerva (stickers unapplied)

C-347: Sonic Bomber MIB

C-349: Road Fire MIB

Further updates and detailed pictures to come!


14 July 2010

Decepticon Siege Bunker - Overlord

In the spirit of Fortress Maximus starring in Autobot City: Earth, this is the Decepticons' side of the story - the Decepticon Siege Bunker. The Decepticons did not get hand outs from Earth's governments and so their stronghold is a lot more skeletal and modest than the opulence that is Autobot City: Earth.

The Decepticon Siege Bunker - Overlord

Aerial view

The Medical Bay

Deployment for scouting

Lord Giga departs the bunker

"Ready the energon cubes for transport."

"I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons."

The weapons depot

"Reporting to Megatron: I found rocket fuel 10 miles west of here"

"Stunticons, scramble!"

"Ready the shuttle for launch!"

"Blaaaaaasssst off!"

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