*How do I contact you?
You can contact me by following this link.

*Why are my comments not showing up on the site?
While I always welcome quality comments, I reserve the right to moderate inappropriate comments. I endeavour to moderate and approve comments within 24 hours of it being posted. If you wish to know why your comment/s is not showing up or why it could be inappropriate, please contact me here.

* Where can I buy Transformers?; What are your toy shop recommendations? Where do I go to look for Transformers in Hong Kong/ Singapore/ Tokyo/ Osaka/ Hokkaido?
See my shop recommendations and location maps here (contain links of Toy Hunt Diaries and lots of photos). The maps and shop recommendations are predominantly G1 focused, but recent releases are also usually available at most shops stocking G1 Transformers. Drop me a line here if you have further questions.

* Will you help me source for and buy Transformers on my behalf?
Subject to the below, I may source Transformers on your behalf:

  1. I will not source recent or widely available releases just because it will save $10-20 when buying from one country compared with another.
  2. If I don’t already know you or I cannot readily verify your reputation online (ie: not part of a known TF forum with a feedback system or with members that we mutually know), I’d have some apprehension about sourcing TFs on your behalf.
  3. I will not help to source for any item, whether in box or not, that cannot be safely packed in a Hong Kong Post packing box for shipping. For example, this means that I will not source and buy pieces such as Fortress/ Grand/ Brave Maximus (loose or MIB), Scorponok/ Black Zarak MIB, Overlord MIB, Star Saber MIB, Victory Saber giftset MIB, etc.
  4. I may impose other requirements depending on nature and price of the Transformer to protect myself. I have been stuck with a $1000 Transformer that I don’t want and cannot resell for that price because a person who agreed to it at that price suddenly turned tail and said “I don’t want it anymore”.

*Are your Transformers for sale?
I sell online from time to time. If there are any for sale, they can be found on my eBay seller’s page here.

* Are you willing to trade your Transformer(s) for other Transformer(s) / items?
Regardless of the item(s) involved, I will not trade with a person I don’t already know or a person whose online reputation I cannot readily verify (ie: not part of a known TF forum with a feedback system or with members that we mutually know). I am generally not keen to trade unless the item being offered is extremely enticing to me (for example, the cash and partial trade of the ‘blue’ Bluestreak for my unused Malboor Wheeljack here).

* Can I request for:

(a) photos of a Transformer? --- sure thing, but only if Transformer in question is not widely and easily available on other online sources (ie: it has to be sufficiently rare, if not I am unable to entertain photo requests).

(b) box art scans? --- yes. However, be sure to check out Botch’s Box Art Archive too because I regularly provide him with scans of box art for his site. If anything, the latest and bestest should be there.

(c) scans of other Transformer material (eg: posters, art books, etc)? --- yes, but I will not provide scans in a manner that may facilitate reproductions that may (or will be used to) potentially pass off as the real thing. In other words, I will not scan an entire book or flyer; I will not scan posters; etc.

*When did you start blogging?
I started blogging on 27 October 2007. However, some posts have been back-dated to before that date because I was recording events that happened prior.

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