04 December 2010

Vintage Masterforce promotional vinyl; Generations Thunderwing & Bumblebee

I picked up another vintage promotional vinyl from the same shop I bought the Headmaster promotional vinyl from - this time, its a Masterforce vinyl. Like the Headmasters one, this Masterforce vinyl has anime art of the key Masterforce characters in the front and shots of the toys at the back.

Very interestingly, it also includes a promotion for Lander ("Landmine" in US continuity), which was never released at retail in Japan. See bottom of front. Lander has a designation number of "C-200" (ie: it comes before C-201: Metalhawk, one of the 3 humanoid pretenders released in Japan together with Wave (Waverider) and Phoenix (Cloudburst)). From what I can gather, 500 Landers were given out (or part of a mail away offer) every month to a maximum of 3000 in total. It'd be interesting to see what kind of packaging Lander came with.

On another note, the next wave of Generations has hit HK. I grabbed Thunderwing for HKD$168 and Bumblebee (from previous wave) for HKD$108.

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