18 April 2007

[toy hunt '07] Day 09: Mongkok & Yau Ma Tei

  • C-305: Ranger MIB (missing gun)
  • C-69: Ultra Magnus MISB (reissue) for AR.
  • Autobot & Decepticon symbol keychain
  • Bleach 3rd Squad Captain keychain
Ranger is in pretty decent condition but I seriously am not sure whereabouts am I going to find him his missing gun. Jap exclusive toys are rare, parts for Jap exclusive toys are ever rarer... sign.

17 April 2007

[toy hunt '07] Day 08: Mongkok

  • D-94: Pounce & Wingspan MIB w/ sealed paperworks
  • SOTA Ryu
  • Bleach Characters 3: Kurosaki Ichigo (w/o Hollow mask)
I'm particularly happy with Pounce & Wingspan. These were toys I had when young but have not reacquired since I started TF collecting again. It is wonderful to get them MIB and in the great condition that they are in!

15 April 2007

[toy hunt '07] Day 06: Wanchai, Mongkok & Yau Ma Tei

Madly tiring day today.

Today's haul. Not much TFs, just a Titanium War Within Megatron for HK$129. Pretty cheap in my opinion. Saw Titanium Ultra Magnus and The Fallen as well both at HK$199.

I'm real happy about today's haul for a few reasons:

1. I finally got my first (yes, first) Batman figure. It is the first satisfactory figure of Batman I've come across. HK$88

2. Suprise acquisition for the day was SPEL Eva-01 Test type. Very study and heavy toy. EVA-01 is something I've always really liked. Oh, did I mention that the Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtracks are really good listening as well?

3. Found a new type of very cool transformable toys called Neo Amdriver. These toys are new, at least for me. Never seen them before. There is this one that is like the Cyclone from Mospeada (Robotech).

Haul of the day, is merely one Transformer, but what a find! Got myself an OTFCC exclusive Mega-SCF Skywarp figure. Walked into this little toy shop, looked around and saw the Skywarp figure sitting in a non-descript corner.

I asked that guy if he painted it himself, not believing that such a rare figure could be sitting dustily in one corner. I fully expected that it was a kitbash repaint of the Mega-SCF Starscream figure. He let me check it and I did. Figured that it was probably genuine.

Asked how much it is and he told me- HK$XXX. For that price, I'd buy the figure and ask questions later, genuine or not.

Grabbed the figure and ran. Here it is:

14 April 2007

[toy hunt '07] Day 05: Causeway Bay

Today's walkabout was centered around Causeway Bay on Hong Kong island. Found and bought 02 x Alternators Ravage and another Alt Rumble! Now I can keep one set MISB and open the other to play.

Sadly, there's still no sign of Alt Mirage or KISS Player Rodimus.

I'll keep looking.

  • Alternators Rumble x 02
  • Alternators Ravage x 02
  • Donald Duck head knocker
  • WST Thrust MIB
  • Transformers Classics: Soundwave (reissue)

12 April 2007

[toy hunt '07] Day 04: Wanchai & Mongkok

Went to the Wanchai and Mongkok shopping districts in Hong Kong today. Not much Transformers to speak of but I did manage to get Alternators Rumble and some Evangelion and Bleach stuff.

Haul of the day:
  • Hobby magazine
  • Alternators Rumble
  • Bleach picture book & CD set
  • Soul of Chogokin EVA-03
  • Soul of Chogokin EVA-04

09 April 2007

[toy hunt '07] Day 02: Singapore

Walked around for more than 6 hours straight today. Not much to show for it except for sore feet.

Am delighted to have obtained the WST Dinobots, finally. Also got Finback, Pounce & Wingspan at bargain prices here...

The WST Dinobots are really something else. They are not only detailed and transforms like the real toys, they are also coloured like they are shown on their G1 toy boxes.

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