22 September 2011

I have been slack - some consolidated acquisitions...

Been so busy lately, I just have almost no time for much else... some updates (but quickly)
Got this loot in from my buddy valkyrie_76 from the OZ Formers Boards...

  1. Doubledealer MIB, complete
  2. Ultra Magnus MIB, complete (plastic wheels version)
  3. Hot Rod MIB, complete, stickers unapplied

Hot Rod is simply beautiful in his vintage-ness...


From the HK toy shops... after shopping with my buddy Ultra Magnus...
  1. SCF Minelba figure
  2. Walmart exclusive Hardhead and BBTS exclusive Headrobots upgrade
  3. FansProject Stormbomb (Thundershred was from sometime ago, just posing him in)


Some snapshots of my recently rearranged vintage shelves... featuring Diaclone Fairlady "blue" Bluestreak, dino-cassettes Gurafi, Noizu, Dairu and Zauru, Soundblaster and Browning...

05 September 2011

Postcard moment - August skiing in Threadbo with buddies!

As I mentioned, I was off to Australia for my yearly ski trip.

This year, it was Threadbo. There were altogether 6 of us housed in a very nice apartment with a real working fireplace that overlooked the mountains.

This is the view from our balcony...

This was our typical breakfast... very yummy, thanks to MN and WS for preparing (I know I usually wake up too late to be of any good)...

On the snow!

See you next year Australia!

~ HD and E

04 September 2011

Tidbits on C-310: God Ginrai and D-307: Overlord

Over at OZ Formers, we were discussing the issue of how to tell if Super Ginrai and Godbomber were vintage 1988 releases or whether they were the reissue (there were Takara and Hasbro reissues in the early 2000s).

To be honest, I didn't know how to tell and what the date stamp would say.

So, I went and took out my vintage C-310: God Ginrai giftset to find out.

There is no date stamp on the cab section of Super Ginrai. The date stamp on the trailer section of Super Ginrai says:

(c) 1987 HASBRO Inc.
(c) TAKARA . 1987


The date stamp on Godbomber says:

創作 . 著作物
(c) TAKARA . 1988


Quite interesting that Super Ginrai (aka Powermaster Prime) is stamped 1987 instead of 1988. Maybe the mold was designed in 1987. Also, the presence of the "Hasbro" stamp meant that this piece is for US and Japan release.

Godbomber on the other hand is stamped 1988, means possibly designed later to compliment Super Ginrai and only stamped Takara, because it was only meant for release in Japan (or at least meant for non-US release).

Both were made in Japan.

I suspect that the reissues are going to say "China" somewhere.

Another interesting aspect of C-310: God Ginrai is it's box size - it's identical or at least 99% identical in terms of size, with his arch-nemesis in the Masterforce series, D-307: Overlord!

Don't believe me? Check these out....

Box top size comparison

Box side size comparison

Wow, this is very prolific and I'm disappointed with myself for not discovering it earlier...

HK Market Watch updates

Been awhile.

A couple of things to update on.

28 Aug 2011

Once again, lots of 'new' G1 figures in at 懷古角. I only went down on Sunday, about 5 days after the stock came in, so probably some other figures have been bought by people already.

What's new?

  • yet another C-114: Fortress Maximus, this one C9+ and unused - going for HKD$22,500. Very steep price, I think.
  • yet another D-307: Overlord, very minty box, close to MISB, unused contents.
  • D-318: King Poseidon giftset, box C8, contents unused
  • interestingly, a Goodbye Megatron giftset, robot points and goodbye coupon cut, but otherwise very minty.
  • Japanese individual boxed Predacons
  • various eHobby reissues.

BAPE Convoys are starting to pop up on the secondary market. At least 2 stores have them.

Asking price is something silly like HKD$2700 for one store and HKD$3000 in another store.


3 September 2011

BAPE Convoy prices are dropping. Now its going for HKD$2250 in one store and as low as HKD$2150.

Interestingly, some one is selling a Big Powered set, complete except the 3 micromasters.

Back to my favourite store again. Not too much has changed, but the C-114 is sold (still there, but sold), Goodbye Megatron is sold and D-318: King Poseidon is also sold.

Man, these eHobby stuff looks minty. I caved today and bought Ghost Starscream for E (she likes transparent stuff).

New addition, C-55: Superion giftset, MISB

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