30 November 2013

Takara Transformers, Fight! Super Robot Life, 43 - Blitzwing MIB (#6 of 36)

After the debacle that was Generations Blitzwing, let's turn back the sands of time and talk about Generation One Blitzwing, which happens to be an awesome toy and character.

This piece, 43-Blitzwing,  is #6 of 36.

Here he is looking stunning. For this toy, I 'custom' trimmed all its stickers before I applied them.

In G1 cartoon continuity, Blitwing is one of the better known Triple Changers aside from Astrotrain. He featured in a number of episodes, most notably in the episode 'Triple Takeover'.

My Japanese boxed Blitzwing together with USA Blitzwing (who has a USA box somewhere).

26 November 2013

Generations (2013) Blitzwing - this is not a review

The other day, I was rearranging my CHUG shelf because I needed to make space for this-super-duper-awesome-new-Generations-figure...

I cleaned the shelves out a lot, meaning I transformed and kept a number of pieces so that I had space to display new pieces.

Then I came to Generations Blitzwing. Yeah, he was on the shelf too. And I wanted to transform him into tank mode to keep him. In the process, I re-discovered, all over again, what a piece-of-fecal-matter-toy Generations Blitzwing is.

I don't think I want to waste more cyber space talking about this toy sucks giant slick beef balls, so I decided to take some shots and show them here.

Here comes Devastator (a third party toy)....

"Take that, you piece of fecal matter!" *stomp!*

"... and that and that and that..." *stomp stomp stomp!!! crush, crush!*

Next, Devastator stabs Blitzwing with his own Electron Scimitar *scene too gory and is censored*

23 November 2013

Takara Transformers, Fight! Super Robot Life, 27 - Sludge MIB (#4 of 36)

Still on the matter of dinosaurs or Dinobots, we have Takara boxed 27 - Sludge for today's post.

I found it odd that Takara numbered Sludge as 27 after Grimlock's 26. Sure there is no logic to how they would number them, but because in the G1 cartoon there are always referred to as "Grimlock, Slag and Sludge", I always in my mind thought Slag should have come after Grimlock.

This is #4 of 36 from the mega loot.

Someday, I'm going to use my super secret ninja technique to remove the sticker residue on the top right of the box. Someday, but not today.

Sludge was one of the Transformer toys that I owned as a kid and so I would always have a soft spot for this guy. I used to love Sludge as a kid - the lumbering giant who is not so bright. In fact, I think he is probably the Dinobot with the lowest intelligence.

This is another minty MIB piece. I just have a weak spot for G1 boxes, really.

20 November 2013

Takara Transformers, Fight! Super Robot Life, 28 - Slag MIB (#5 of 36)

This is Japanese Transformer #5 of 36 - Takara boxed 28 - Slag.

My brother used to have Slag when we were kids. Slag was his all time favourite Transformer, still is his all time favourite Transformer - remember the 'who moved my Slag' incident? heh.

I remember Slag as being one of the more powerful and no nonsense Dinobots. In G1 episodes, he is usually the one that rams enemies down or burn their weapons to... slag. In TFTM, he actually knocked Devastator down when the rest of the Dinobots had little success. Powerful!

I have always wondered why Slag just walked away after knocking Devastator down. Why not finish the job?

This is the bottom of the box. Very quickly, it can be seen that the toy pictured on the box is quite different from the actual toy in the box. What is pictured is the Canadian red-faced version of Slag with white upper legs - a kind of rare variant, which I talked about here.

18 November 2013

Hasbro Generations Skids (#009) - A Review, Part 2 - sizes, weapons, QC fixes

This figure is so good, I had to do another part, while having coffee... (I think of the Gassy Autobot too).

For this post, I'm going to focus on (A) simple size comparisons; (B) some QC issues and (C) the weapons that the toy came with. 

For the size comparison section, I will simply compare Skids with some recent and past releases. 

For the QC issues portion, I hope to address a number of common issues that I have seen other post about online - (i) balance issues because the toy is back heavy; (ii) the legs cannot bend forward at the hips.

For the weapons segment, I want to talk about just how refreshing it is for Hasbro to finally give us a modern day toy with a sizable compliment of weapons.

16 November 2013

Hasbro Generations "More Than Meets the Eye" Skids (#009) - a review

I picked up Hasbro's IDW Generations Wave 3: Skids today.

This is the story...

Today, I sold off my TFC Uranos set. Yeah, I know, its all the rage for some, but for me the TFC stuff just does not do it. The design for Uranos was better than their previous combiner, Hercules, but the materials and the construction just leaves too much to be desired. After awhile, I could not tolerate this piece in my collection anymore and sold it on Yahoo HK.

I met the buyer at the toy shop area to pass him his loot, collect my money and then just proceeded to walk around the toy shops.  I know that MMC's Feral Rex parts and also FansProject's not-Brianstorm were still not released yet, so I really was not expecting to find anything.

I walked into one of the trustiest and best shops at In's Point, Action Robo, and saw that they had the next Hasbro Generations wave in stock - Skids was part of the assortment, Skids!!

Wave 3 consists of Goldfire (who cares), Dreadwing (who?), Waspinator (yucks) and Skids (woo hoo!). Well, you can tell I really couldn't care less about the other 3 toys in this wave - I only wanted Skids.

So it was done, shop owner was kind, I got my Skids!

Here is Skids with his other incarnations - Skids USA box, Encore Skids, VSZ Skids (the only way one could get Skids in Japan back in the 80s), USA Skids (loose) and Generations Skids.

A close up of his Generation One incarnation with his most recent iteration. Generations Skids is based very much on Alex Milne's rendition of the character in the popular IDW series by James Roberts, More Than Meets the Eye. Skids just happens to be one of my favourite characters in MTMTE and I am so glad that Hasbro decided to make a toy of him.

Next thing I'm going to do is open Skids and play!

~ HD



14 November 2013

Takara Transformers, Fight! Super Robot Life, 26 - Grimlock MIB (#3 of 36)

What do little boys like? Dinosaurs!

At least that is the common answer back when I was a kid. I just could not find a little boy that did not like dinosaurs in some way, shape or form.

So, again, I got inspired by Flywheels' blog. Recently, he has been talking about Dinoforce, the robots that make up Dinoking. Since I have talked about Dinoking to.... the .... death, I decided to talk about Dinobots!

This is #3 of 36 in my massive lot haul. And we start with none other than Dinobot Commander - Grimlock, who is designated 26- Grimlock.

Grimlock in dinosaur mode, robot mode and in Japanese box. See, I said boys liked dinosaurs, no?

Some boxed shots of this very mint piece.

09 November 2013

Decepticon car and my brother played with my TFs, yay!

In a detraction from my normal posts, today, I talk about something fun.

Over last weekend, my brother and his family were in HK visiting E and myself. We had lots of fun going to places and eating good food.

On the day before we went to Disneyland, I did this to our car....

Decepticon insignia!

I did it by wiping off some of the layer of dust that has settled on the car over the past 1-2 weeks. It's so dusty here that after a week, a very visible layer of dust will have settled on the car. I wanted to add some colour, but seeing that the car was already purple (and so are Decepticon insignias), I decided that no addtional colour was necessary.

At night, E added what she called her 'Halloween' touch to my Decepticon insignia....

03 November 2013

Japanese Transformers Takara D-99: Apeface and D-100: Snapdragon MIB

The first thing I gotta say is that these 2 were not part of my loot of 36 G1 Japanese Transformers.

D-99: Apeface and D-100: Snapdragon were bought some time ago in HK and somehow I have 'forgotten' about them and forgotten to write about them here.

D-99: Apeface, with USA Apeface MIB (box not pictured), D-100: Snapdragon, with USA Snapdragon MIB (box not pictured), and another loose Snapdragon. The intent is to be able to have Snapdragon in Robot, Plane and Dragon mode displayed all at once.

To be fair, they are 2 of the few Transformers in my display cabinets that actually have a dedicated section. So, I'm not being that bad to them.

D-99 and D-100 with my Bluestreak dedicated shelf. For more, see here.

For collectors who has been following or reading my blog for sometime, you would know that Apeface and Snapdragon are 2 of my favourite Transformers - certainly my favourite Headmasters, but high on my list of favourite TFs. I have written about them more extensively back in 2008 / 2009, so I will not go into detail here - links to my previous posts are provided at the end of this post.

Let's start then, with a closer look at D-99.

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