Aside from vintage G1 Transformers, the Classics/ Henkei/ Generations/ United (I'll use "Classics" for short because I don't want to use "CHUG") series of toys is by far my favourite line, in the recent years, hands down. The underlying theme in these differently named lines are the same - they are (mostly) deluxe sized re imaginations of G1 characters, mostly from the 1984 to 1986 cast.

These not just re imaginations like the Masterpiece or Binaltech lines but very accurate and down-to-the-details re imagination of core G1 characters. It is no wonder that, among all the TF series' Hasbro/ Takara has released in recent years, the Classics line is most hotly in demand and most figures (especially the Henkei ones) have seem very significant price spikes.

These are pictures of my "Classics" collection, most of which are Henkei or United releases (ie: the Japanese release of the toys).

The "1984 - Series 1" Autobots cast (ie: the original crew of the Ark)

Optimus Prime flanked by Ironhide, Ratchet and Hound

Henkei version Bluestreak and Prowl (this is my least favourite mold of the "Classics" series)

Henkei Ratchet and Sideswipe (with FansProject rocket launcher)

Henkei Bumblebee (with Generations Bumblebee gun)

Henkei Ratchet (now one of the most sought after and perhaps expensive regular release Henkeis)

Henkei Hound (with FansProject gun) - easily one of my favourite molds

Henkei Mirage (with FansProject launcher)

2 of my favourites from the Henkei line - Sunstreaker and Sideswipe

Red Alert and Sideswipe

The Autobot crew in Teletraan-1

"Ratchet, is Bumblebee going to recover?" - Optimus Prime to Ratchet

Hound, one of my favourites in the Henkei line

"For the final time, I am not a traitor!" - Mirage to Cliffjumper

"There is clearly a disruption to the Earth's atmosphere." - Ironhide to Prowl

"Let me try to find out more, Ironhide"

The "1985 - Series 2" Autobots cast (ie: the 'Season 2' characters)

United Tracks and Henkei Cliffjumper

Henkei Red Alert with 'Gears of War' launcher (Red Alert is also one of the rarer Henkeis and commands quite a hefty price too)

Henkei Jetfire

United Grapple

Henkei Smokescreen

The "1986 - Series 3", Transformers: The Movie cast of Autobots

FansProject Springer

"Wreck n' Rule!"

United Blurr

United Perceptor (where is your damn chrome?)

Rodimus Prime (this is a combination of Henkei Hot Rod and FansProject Protector Amour)

Ultra Magnus (this is a combination of Classics Ultra Magnus and FansProject City Commander Amour)

"I can't deal with that" - Ultra Magnus to Rodimus Prime

Impossible Toys Arcee

United Wreck Gar

The "1984 and 1985" Decepticons cast

Music Label Soundwave and Henkei Megatron

Device Label Ravage, Perfect Effect Frenzy and Rumble

The seekers - Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Sunstorm and Acid Storm

The Coneheads - Ramjet, Dirge and Thrust

The Decepticon Seekers

The "1986 - Series 3", Transformers: The Movie cast of Decepticons

Henkei Galvatron and Cyclonus and lots of Generations Scourge

With Unicron!

Exclusives - Convention exclusives, mail away exclusives, etc

Transformer double agent - Punch/ Counterpunch
This was a BotCon 2010 TFCC exclusive release figure. It's one of the best redecos of a mold in recent years. The Sideswipe/ Sunstreaker mold was already impressive enough when it can become the 2 original Autobot brothers, each looking different in robot mode, but transforming into the same vehicle mode. What better way of taking this mold to the next level by recolouring and remolding it into the Autobot Double-Agent - Punch and Counterpunch! The concept alone is awesome and overcomes any other issues with the figure that collectors are crying out about (eg: the small head). This is one of the few exclusives that I am happy with and deem worthy to enter in the Classic-verse.

Punch with box

Counterpunch with box

Brothers in Armour - they all share the same mold - Red Alert, Punch, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe

Brothers in Armour #2 - they all share the same mold - Red Alert, Counterpunch, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe

Other Group Shots

Decepticons versus Autobots

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