06 August 2011

Deluxe Insecticon Venom MIB

So, here are my most 2 recent acquisitions, both from good buddies at opposite ends of the globe. Artfire MISB was from a friend in Australia and Venom MIB is from a friend in Italy.

Artfire MISB, I have featured here. So now, it's Venom's turn!

I do actually have all 4 Deluxe Insecticons MIB. However, among them, Venom was the most unsatisfactory because the current piece I have comes in a sun-faded box. Since Venom is my favourite Deluxe Insecticon, I have been on the look out for an upgrade, and naturally jumped at the chance when my buddy from Italy offered his MIB Venom up for sale.

This is my existing Venom

This is my "new" Venom!

Some more shots of my awesome "new" Venom MIB...

Box art still very crisp and bright

Back of box. A pity the robots points has been cut... but I'll live.

The "AM" stamping on the box. Strange that its stamped on the box, usually, its just a sticker on the front of the box.

The contents

Close up of Venom in bubble

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