16 August 2011

Man, have I been searching for this for SOME time...

I bought a Weirdwolf MIB, unused and in very good condition from a fellow OZ Former buddy back in the last quarter of 2009, together with this monster lot of things

Everything about the Weirdwolf was good except that its missing its gun. Poor Weirdwolf was even featured here without a gun.

My friend just could not find the gun in the ground zero that was his pre-moving apartment.

I said, "That's fine. How hard would it be to find a Weirdwolf gun?"

Little did I know, how wrong I would be. Here I am almost 2 years later, only just acquired a Weirdwolf gun.

Why is it hard?

Well, I don't really know. Weirdwolf guns do not turn up on auction very often on eBay and if they do, they have stupid asking prices such as US$24.99 or US$30.00 with shipping of US$10.00, which is certainly not an amount I would pay for a mere gun of such a common US released and Japan released toy.

So the search went on and on... we me waiting for the right auction to come by and then 2 years passes by.

Finally got one from my UK seller friend at a good deal.

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  1. It's amazing at how hard certain G1 parts can be. Sadly you've found the same thing as I have when looking for parts - you find it and the seller wants WAY too much...so the search continues. Congrats at ending your 2 year long search!


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