06 August 2011

Autobot sniper, C-108: Artfire MISB

Artfire is one of the last Headmaster series toys to be released in 1987 and one of the very rare and expensive Japanese exclusives. They seem to have a lot of the 'rare and expensive' stuff in the '87 line, huh?

6 Headmaster heads (Loafer, Rodney, Kaku, Lione, Trizor and Shuffler), white versions of each Headmaster head, 4 dino-cassettes, the 'previously' rare pieces (Stepper, Soundblaster, Twincast) and then Artfire.

Arguably, the above 1987 pieces are more difficult to find and obtain on the secondary market than pieces from Masterforce or Victory, arguably.

I recently acquired Artfire from a friend in Australia, Robwin1974 of OZ Formers, through a trade (specifics of which are confidential for the purposes of this article!).

At first, I didn't think too much about Artfire. I thought that he was just a recolour of Inferno with mismatched colours! It was a 'get if I can' piece, which I passed up when I was previously in HK in April 2010. Today, I kept staring at it. The more I look, the more I like it. There is something about the red, white, grey and black colour scheme that just works. I'm really liking Artfire more and more...

Here he is in his very buffered mailer box.

Out he comes, but still wrapped in bubbles

Bubbles removed...

Before more photos, some details about Artfire, from TF Wiki:
"Artfire (アートファイアー Ātofaiā) is a Targetmaster sniper. He is patient, and thinks of his friends first, but there are times when he ignores orders because of that. His body can withstand temperatures of up to 8,000 degrees Celsius. His Targetmaster companion is Nightstick, who transforms into a 'space beam gun'."

Close up of box front

"Hi, I am Fracas in US continuity, but am Nightstick here. Hey, isn't that the name of Cyclonus' TM partner in US continuity? I'm getting confused..."

Close up of Artfire

Production dates

The awesome box art


Back of box

Close up of tech specs and Targetmaster function


  1. Don't forget the block. They purposely made that piece just for him to hold Fracas.

  2. Woah...that's near pristine condition. :o

  3. @ Hotspot: yes, I remember the block... Hahaha... Since it's MISB, I hope the block should be in there with him!

    @ Adam: yup, it's in awesome condition, there is a dent and crease on the top right of the box though, which I evaded taking pictures of... Hahaha

  4. @H_D: I wish I could buy Artfire too. :(
    go to Evilbay and check out that RIDICULOUS pricing on that other MISB specimen. Sigh. And to think I almost thought of buying that...

  5. Holy... WOW!!!

    Something so special about this figure.. the boxart is so captivating to me.

    The box is pristine.. but I didn't even think it would be MISB.... that is just too good.

  6. @ Adam: That's $4000 Artfire from MOT has been on eBay for ages. I don't think its likely to sell, but you never know, there may just come along someone made enough to pay that price. TBH, if you want to get a Artfire, you don't really have to get it MISB, MIB would be enough.

    @ gdmetro: 100% agree with you on the box art! There's just something about it, eh? Something magical. MISB is good, but I suspect I will one day open it... =)

  7. @H_D: Yup agree with you on that! MIB is good enough, but im still aiming for MISB. ;o


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