01 August 2011

Preliminary pic of an AWESOME TF I received today... Artfire

I am just over the moon.

This piece shipped in today from a very good buddy from Australia...
Jaw-droppingly gorgeous...


  1. What can I say?


  2. Oh man, care to email me and disclose how much you paid for this pristine and crazy awesome piece?
    Inspired to get one but totally thinking twice on the $$$ amount. Sigh.

  3. @ Adam - I almost fell off the chair when I read your reaction! Won't be able to tell you the price as it does not have one. I traded a giftset for Artfire with a buddy from Sydney.

    @ gdmetro - thanks man... This is another milestone for me!

  4. HD that is one Awesome Piece i have always always admired this piece and will always be one of my ultime Grails (and most likely unobtainable)

    look forward to more pics

  5. This piece is a great piece. At first I thought it was strange looking, but then holding it physically and looking it over and over again, I'm starting to see why it has a lot of allure...


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