27 August 2011

Pick of the Day - Decepticon Triple Changers

(From the archives!)

The Decepticon Triple Changers - Blitzwing, Astrotrain and Octane.


  1. Those are great portrait shots dude, I'm only missing 1 of the 3 myself as I need only to reacquire Astrotrain; due to the failed arrival of a winning auction 4 years ago from a suburb 45mins drive away... :(

  2. Hey Hursti, can't imagine having to wait 4 years for Astrotrain!

    To me, the most difficult one to obtain in US box and complete good condition is Octane. Man, did I go through a few hoops to get the guy

  3. Please dude, don't imagine it because he was supposed to be complete too which only makes the pain worse... :(

    Yeah I'd definitely pay that, Octane seems to be the far rarer figure in the sense of total completion and condition as I've tended to find that on eBay he is either totally 100% complete and in MISB condition, or an absolute junker; It takes quite a bit of patience to find a happy medium with that guy.

  4. Oh, gotta beware of the Zhong Jin KOs when you hunting for Octane...


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