08 August 2011

HK Market Watch - Luck Draw Gold MP-01 Convoy, another C-114 and some acquisitions!

Due to my work schedule, I cannot go toy hunting as often as I used to.

Nevertheless, I managed to take 1 hour 'off' today to journey down to the toys shops in YMT.

Once more, Wai Gu Kok (懷古角) blew me away with what they had.

Another C-114 Fortress Maximus MIB, complete (used stickers applied). Wow. This must be the 10th one or more that they have sold in the past 6 months.

And then, something I have never seen or heard before - a gold luck draw MP-01 Convoy from 2004 MIB. Price? A cool HKD$40,000. Oh, and someone has already put a hold on it. I understand there may be 2 people bidding for it, so the 'final' price is still up in the air according to the shop-owner.

Close up of the special slip that came with this luck draw - I was told there are only 20 pieces in the world. Pretty rare.

Want to know how to get to this shop? Check out my maps here.



At the shop, I saw something I have wished existed (not knowing it did exist!) and wanted since the early1990s when I was into the Palladium Books' Robotech role playing games - an Alpha Fighter!

To be honest, I have known now for some years that Alpha Fighters were produced by Gakken in the 80s and have seen 1 or 2 around, but they have always been horrendously expensive and incomplete or yellowed. This one I saw at the shop was pristine, a strong C9 and complete with unapplied stickers.

So I dared thread outside the Transformers envelop and bravely bought it. I am very happy and pulled it out to play the moment I got home.

I kept telling E, 'look at my Alpha Fighter, look at my Alpha Fighter...'

Very happy bunny, me.

Oh, also got the FansProject "Sharpnel"...

Some more shots of 'my Alpha Fighter' (sorry, I couldn't keep it in the box long enough to take pictures of it in the box... some other time perhaps).

Gerwalk mode


  1. Hi there, about that golden prime. There is a website of someone owning it and he made some cool pictures so that we can actually see it :)

    Very cool you saw one on sale! Here is the link http://www.goldoptimusprime.com/?show=Gold-Optimus-Prime

    Keep on with the blogging!

  2. Love the chunkiness of the Robotech toy. And I'm a bit surprised: Are there really that many MIB Fort Maxes in circulation? I find it weird, specially considering that this store isn't unique, right?

  3. i have to say the selection that you have in HK is definitely nicer than most of the shops in singapore sadly :|

    by the way, nice camera there :P

  4. Global Market Watch (may affect the value of your Transformers):
    1. Dow Jones Stock index down 500 plus and 600 plus in two separate trading days. The Hang Seng will drop even worse.
    2. Debt crisis in Europe (entire countries blowing up) is at most a week away from starting.

    After this, the next year should see the start of a ton of firings all around the world that would make 2008 look like a blip in the radar.

    At that time, I expect the value of Transformers to soar [sarcasm] because plastic is just something people can't do with.

    But seriously, for people with very strong financial conditions, you would be able to have a real gem of a collection at bottom prices if you wait a bit.

  5. @ Valerian: Thanks for your kind words! Cheers!

    @ Jon: Yup, love the Alpha Fighter too... quite like some classic G1-chunkiness. Hearty too. At first, I wouldn't have thought so, but there really ARE a lot of C-114s in circulation. This shop serious have sold at least 10 in the last 6 months and I've seen a fair few from my trips to Japan.

    @ Eric: Yup, HK is better for TFs than SG is now. But SG used to rule. heh.

    @ Roger: Wow, what an analysis. Let's see what happens....


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