18 August 2011

G1 pre-rub Bluestreak MISB

I am in awe and shock and other descriptions of delight I find difficult to articulate now - because I am at a loss for words.

Please pardon me if this post comes across as somewhat gibberish like...


I received a package from a buddy today expecting it to contain a few Raiden parts that I'm missing, but these parts came in a packing box. The declaration said "toy car". I thought it very strange and curious, but did not have much time to think about today due to my extremely busy workload.

I came home, had dinner, showered and then sat down to open the package. When I saw it inside the bubble wrap, I said out loud "No, it cannot be. No, it cannot be."
That changed to "Oh my god. It is. Oh my god."

I stared at it for 30 mins before I regained my senses (a little).

I was gifted a G1 pre-rub Bluestreak MISB.

I was given this piece that is so close to heart by a good friend and buddy. Of all the G1 pieces that I may one day decide to get MISB, a Bluestreak would be at the very pinnacle of my list. He is one of the select few G1 pieces that has kept a very steady place in my heart since 1984.

I'm still in disbelief. My good friend is too generous. I'm very delighted but I don't know what to do, I don't know why I deserve it either. I am just very happy.

E said that I should 'appreciate it as a gift from one good friend to another' and I will.

I started taking photos uncontrollably... and I'm posting a lot of them up here...

Please enjoy, one of my absolute favourite G1 characters and toys...

A very heartfelt thank you to, you, my good buddy, [anonymous].

(I would undoubtedly write more about this, but right now, I am just enjoying this slice of childhood once more...


Top of box showing transformation sequence

One of the key things that sets Bluestreak apart from many other Transformers, his awesome box art

Pre-rub Bluestreak

Autobot Gunner: Bluestreak



Tech Specs

Robot Points

BOX CORNERS - all very sharp and no wear

With DIACLONE FAIRLADY Z blue version


Seeing these 3 items together, it's beyond awesome... my mind is going into statis lock...


  1. HD, That is one Immaculate looking Bluestreak, Truly Beautiful and one of my faves too!.. (But then i love all 1984 Tf's)

  2. That is amazingly pristine for being 27 years old. Looks case fresh, you have a very good friend there!

  3. Thanks guys!

    @ Sharky: I love all the 1984 'bots and 'cons too, but somehow Ravage and Bluestreak really stands out for me. This is like a dream come true, without knowing that I've been dreaming it and such a pleasant surprise too.

    @ Arkvander: Yes, it does look casefresh. Now I'm wondering where or when he acquired it for it to be in such immaculate condition. Yes, he is a good friend and very generous too, I am very honoured!

  4. That is SWEET. Love the Diaclone Z also.

  5. Wow, yes, sweet MISB Bluestreak!


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