23 August 2011

Triple Changer Broadside MIB

From the archives - 1986 Broadside MIB, unused


  1. Ahh the memories.... Broadside was my first triple changer....

  2. Hmm...

    I'm still yet to acquire this figure but I must say that I am certainly curious on getting it as, like Sixshot, I was totally unprepared for it's size upon seeing it for the 1st time.

    If one was seeking a loose speciman out, is the cockpit canopy a major concern or can it easily be found on eBay and the like?

  3. Broadside is like the prennial brick of G1- it just fully epitomizes those qualities!

    Agree with Hursti that his size is a little unexpected and and on fact rather small compared with his cartoon and comics incarnation.

    @ Hursti - recommend that you get a Broadside with minty canopy because I don't think it's easily replaceable and it's connected to a spring mechanism which you should ensure is working (otherwise the thing either won't stay down or permanently won't pop up in plane mode, one or the other; think defective rumble/frenzy heads)

  4. Oh really?, well I'm glad I asked dude and I thoroughly thank you for the advice as I'll definitely be keeping that in mind when I go hunting for him; I totally know what you mean with regards to Rumble/Frenzy's head too. ;)

  5. No worries mate! Recommend that you try to get a strong C8 Broadside too. Good luck with the hunt!


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