14 August 2011

HK Market Watch - FansProject Insecticons and BAPE Convoy

I spent the week trying very hard to help a buddy look for the BAPE store exclusive BAPE Convoy. Apparently the Singapore BAPE store only had 8 pieces, so its become somewhat of a rarity and has attained mythical status in Singapore.

Judging from online reaction, it appears like this BAPE thing is all the rage at the moment (and I'm very sure I don't understand why).

My buddy messaged me in the middle of the week to see if it would prove easier to locate in HK. I tried all my sources and even visited the BAPE store in HK and this is a summary of the result:
  • my usual shop can get it for me from Japan, but it will cost HKD$2,680.
  • the BAPE shop that is near my usual conference location is closed.
  • the BAPE store in Causeway Bay that is just 2 mins from where I live has a stock of these come in on last Saturday (ie: 6 August), but was sold out within the hour of opening. How many pieces did they have, I asked - less than 100 was the reply (he mentioned 80-ish). Well, better than BAPE store Singapore in any event.
  • There were a few shops in In's Point that has a piece for sale.
On Thursday (11 Aug), a shop had this for sale for HKD$2,800.


Today (14 Aug), the above was gone!

Not to fret, noble collectors, another shop has a piece...

... with a HKD$3,000 price tag.

"This is madness", I say.


On a more interesting note... there is a shop with actual coloured pieces of the FansProject Bombshell and Kickback, which as I understand it, has not been released.
(I had a milkshake in my hand, so pardon the photo quality)




Oh, and other new arrivals at my usual shop... Of note, MISB C-55: Superion giftset!

The C-328: Victory Saber giftset is very near C10, unused, all pieces bone white and spanking new... no tears on any of the corners of the box edges... very sweet piece... BUT have been bought by me (on behalf of a buddy).


  1. Oh my dont get me started on the BAPE, queued for it only to get informed just before opening that thr number had decreased @#$%.

    Anyway, were the fansproject items on sale? Wonder how they managed to obtain it

  2. hi Eric, was I accurate to say that there were only 8 pieces available for sale? I got this information from a friend of a friend that queued for it as well (but didn't manage to get a piece).

    Did you get one?

    The other FP Insecticons were probably advanced samples. Not for sale.

  3. yea, originally there was going to be 30, then days before the sale it dropped to 9, then on the morning itself it became 8.

    i did queue that morning but i was like number 14 in the queue (was trying my luck).

    well all 8 got sold out super quick, basically there were 4 guys and their significant others who help them buy another set. soon after that ebay popped up one, and on some forums some were already saying that their SO is selling theirs etc. rather frustrating from a collector's point of view :(

  4. gah! I remember seeing several BAPEtimus Prime at $150 on ebay, but passing. Oh well, if what you say is correct, I wouldn't have gotten him anyway.
    Victory Saber is so pretty!

  5. BAPE Convoy? What's this monkey business!

  6. Thanks again for sending me the maps. Too bad Fort Max was in such terrible shape or I would have purchased it.

    Saw Victory Sabre and Superion giftsets, but passed on both due to no emotional attachments. That Victory Sabre one did look like it was in very good shape though. Good Find.


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