03 August 2011

C-121 and C-122 MIB and complete dino-cassettes on eBay!

Just 11 hours away from ending, dino-cassettes C-121: Gurafi and C-122: Noizu, both MIB and complete for sale on eBay! (not my auctions).

Far as I can see it, the prices are still modestly reasonable.

Thinking about it, I'm of 2 minds whether these will end very high (as is usual) or they will end on the low end because of the impending KOs that will be released soon. 

Or, and its a big 'or', these may end very high because its most likely the final chance for a purist collector  to obtain genuine dino-cassettes without fear of KO contamination. Sleep with peace of mind and all that.

Or, they are going to end high anyway because anyone getting them needs to get both so that they can combine into Decibel!

Here are the auctions:

C-121: Gurafi, currently at US$255.00 (reserve not met). Good news is that seller has reduced the reserve, priced to sell anyone?

My prediction?

I think they will each end at the US$550 to $650 mark, if the US$400 loose Zauru that ended this morning is any indication.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), I won't be bidding on these (*hint*).

Good luck to all!

~ HD


*update 6 Aug 2011*

The auctions have actually ended at the price shown above - ie: no one bid more. I thought that was strange, so I went and had another close look at the auctions again.

As it is, I discovered I was incorrect - the toys were NOT complete. Both C-121 and C-122 were missing (1) their weapons; and (2) their bio-cards.

If I were to consider bidding, that'd be fatal. I wouldn't even bid at all because as Jon has commented below, it'd be near impossible to find the weapons and biocards loose.

I guess their incompleteness was the reason for them not hitting as high an ending price as I thought.

Come to think of it, the seller is smart and got quite good money for them too. Once the KOs hit retail, incomplete vintage dino-cassettes would be worth a lot less and the demand would plunge. I think complete and mint originals would keep their value quite well, but incomplete ones are going to suffer for sure.

That's what I think anyway.

~ HD


  1. didn't even know these 2 combined, goodness if i had the $ i'd definitely get it. no surprise these would individually hit high prices

  2. Amazing pieces, and the box art is so pretty! It's just weird, that such small toys can be worth this much to a small amount of people. I guess it's like this no matter what you collect. How many people will be in contention to get these two, you think?

  3. @ Eric - heh, I just reliased that the auctions were NOT complete - ie: they were both missing weapons and did not have their bio cards. Perhaps that's why they did not end as high as I thought they would.

    @ Jon - You hit the nail right on the head there, the dino-cassettes' box art were all exceptionally striking and beautiful. I like Zauru's art the best. They are worth a lot of money for something this small, but then, they are very well constructed and really quite rare...

  4. I bet it's near impossible to get the original weapons and bio cards loose. Either way, great score for someone that doesn't care if they're complete or not. I'm a bit like that, and I almost regret not throwing in a bid.

  5. @ Jon: I agree and think you are very right. It'd be near impossible to get the weapons loose and much much harder to get the bio cards. In a way, I think it's an okay score and would do for now, but it'd surely grate on the mind to know that something is missing - esp the weapons which are needed for both the Dino mode and the combined mode.

  6. Hi, I was the winner of both auctions, and I'm happy, a hug from lima, peru


  7. hi Darketo, nice to hear from you!
    Have you received these babies yet? What do you think about them? Awesome huh?


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