21 August 2011

Japanese box D-94: Pounce & Wingspan MIB unused

(from the archives!)

This was an opportunity buy from one of my trips to Hong Kong. It was sitting in an obscure corner of a shop but I managed to spot it. Very happy that it is complete and unused with sealed paperworks.


  1. I got my 1st Decepticon Clone at the recent Parra Fair dude; Pounce! :D
    I've always been intrigued by their design concept and now will have to track down a Wingspan to see it 1st hand! :D

    Do you know if their weapons (loose) are easy enough to track down or not?

  2. hey Hursti, great to hear you got your first clone at the para fair! These things are very well designed and really quite special, because in robot mode, they look very similar.

    Did you know that there are metal chest/plastic chest versions? Also there are rub-sign and non-rub sign versions. Do look out for that if you are bidding to buy them. Obviously metal chest is the way to go!

  3. What is this metal chest version of the clones you speak? Is the entire chest metal? Never heard of this variant - I always go for the metal variants over plastic. Metal just tastes better.

  4. @ Skullcruncher: Part of the chest is metal (but it's very light weight). From what I understand, the metal versions comes with the animal rub-insignias, where the plastic version comes with just a animal sticker on the chest.

    Close up details here: http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.com/2009/12/transformers-clones-fastlane-cloudraker.html


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