14 August 2011

Remember Mr Awesome? He's here!

He has now arrived at our home in all his glory, including docking bay and all.

This is his docking bay...

Mr Awesome's sigil of excellence...

A message from the creator of Mr Awesome... it reads "Thank you very much for participating and winning this weird and hilarious experiment! I hope you will enjoy this AWESOME toy!"

Mr Awesome in plane mode...

Mr Awesome in robot mode...

Close up of head sculpt...

Mr Awesome in robot mode next to my Gakken Alpha Fighter in robot mode. See how tall Mr Awesome is?

Thanks to Canadian eBay seller kanrabat for all the fun!

E and HD

1 comment:

  1. Creator of Mr Awesome here! I'm glad you like it! This was just a silly idea that was a lot of fun to do.
    Unfortunately, my Geewun-Brix don't stir the same buzz...
    Anyway, it's fun to see my creation being loved!


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