29 August 2011

Pick of the Day - Future Decepticon Leaders

From the archives!

Future Decepticon Leaders Overlord and Scorponok meet.


  1. I love this pic, it has one of my most favourite G1 Decepticon figures in it and one of my many G1 grails (Like he is for most people I guess :P); It serves as a good size comparison pic too HD as I had been wondering for a while now about how much taller Overlord is to Scorponok, really not all that much by the looks of things. :)

  2. Yes, they are both about the same height, and that is quite nice since beside other TFs these 2 are considered quite large and out of scale. I suspect Sixshot is also arn the same height although I have not put them side by side.

    Strangely, Scorponok was more a grail for me than Overlord and more difficult to get MIB. Heh

  3. As it stands, Scorponok is the only G1 figure I'm actively trying to complete 100% (That's Box, Foam, Instructions, Catalogue & the Figure and it's parts) - I've just really fallen for this figure for so many reasons. :D

    Overlord though, just looks really damn cool; plus IDW's treatment of him really appeals to me which is also a problem really because that is probably the reason why his asking price on eBay has rocketed ridiculously. :(

    It's weird how some G1 figures have that effect on you huh?

  4. Scorponok is a cool figure. I hear you are pretty close to completion too?

    Next, you may have to check out Black Zarak, which is a new level of falling in love with... Heh

    Overlord is a sort of okay figure. It's quite brick like really, but I think it's base mode is easily on of the best.

    Yes, true that comics does have an effect on price. The first culprit of this is Sinstorm (before he got reissued). Prices rocketed from $45 to like $250 overnight, nuts

  5. I have a complete Scorponok and it's one of my fav figures. I was about to get Overlord, but when I saw a review with the connector between the bases just hanging there, it kinda turned me off the whole thing, but that's probably just me.

  6. @ Roger: What base connection do you mean? I have variously had 3 Overlords at least and none of them seem to have any issue. Far as I can tell, its a pretty solid figure all round.

    I think Scorponok is okay as a robot, but then it isn't really much else in either scorpion or base mode. It's quite forced. But it is still an awesome toy with a very good colour scheme. =)


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