02 April 2012

Review - Takara MP-11: Destron New Leader aka 'Coronation Starscream'

MP-11: Destron New Leader aka 'Coronation Starscream' was released last week.

I picked up mine on Saturday from the shops - gratuitous photo on the right.

Cost me HKD$899, not too bad, I thought.

The key question in my mind and, I guess a vast majority of collectors' mind, is "Why should I get yet another seeker mold?"

I already have MP-03: Starscream (aka 'greenscream'), Masterpiece Starscream (with Japanese Takara sticker), MP-06: Skywarp and MP-07: Thundercracker. That's like 4 of the same mold - do I need another?

And my answer turned out to be a 'yes'.


Because MP-11 is molded differently. For starters its done away with the hateful and honestly silly hip-fins that the designer thought would double up as samurai scabbards (wtf right?). The poorly designed feet which made it very difficult for prior seeker molds to balance on the gound without the supporting stand, is fixed for MP-11. The kibble in robot mode that hangs off the jet air-intakes are also removed (how I hated these, always pops out when I try to transform the jets).

MP-11 fixed almost all the little things I disliked about the previous seeker mold and also gave Starscream a new, more G1 accurate head-sculpt. All are big plus' in my book. Also, the inclusion of a proper crown and cape means I can junk the third party (not so great quality) crown and cape set. It's all good. E likes this piece too.

The new Starscream, tada!

I read that there was some fan-rage about the colours and the shade of grey. I personally think that both are fine and that the grey kind of matches his G1 grey colour and is a shade more accurate than the white of Masterpiece Starscream (anime colour one).

'My fellow Decepticons...' (the armless Jetfire has his limbs in a H2O2 whitening jar... heh)

Scale also looks great with MP-08: Grimlock and MP-10: Convoy.

'It's all about the pain Grimlock... you sure you are not joining us?'

'... c'mon...'

For comparison - Masterpiece Starscream in anime colours (Japan release)(below).

MP-11 (left); Masterpiece Starscream in anime colours (Japan release) (right)

Close up of upper body - the colours look good, no?

... compared with Masterpiece Starscream in anime colours (Japan release)

Close up of this new marvelous head-sculpt

With Crown

Another shot showing the more of the crown. This crown is so much nicer than the third party version and is more detailed, fits the head better and all.

Overall, there is enough in there that makes this figure more G1 that has pushed me to get it. Although if one already has all the existing seeker molds, it's be a huge ask to also get this figure. I do like this figure lots and think it is easier to transform than the previous seeker mold. 

My 3 major criticisms for it are: (1) it does not include the 'short' heat seeking missiles of the previous seeker molds. Therefore, the robot mode null-rays doubles, quite inappropriately for a masterpiece, as missiles in jet mode - Takara, this is just plain LAZY. (2) it does not come with the stand that came with all prior seekers. (3) the box is bigger than it should be, probably to charge a higher price (I don't know for sure) - there is so much air in the box. Pretty sure they could have made it more compact.

If price point and space is not an issue for you, this is a figure I'd recommend to G1-cartoon accurate enthusiasts.

~ HD

[updated - gratuitous photos of seekers for further comparisons]


  1. I'll be getting mine on the 18th of April! :D

  2. I'm loving that head sculpt, he looks fantastic. I was on the fence about this for the longest time, but as a fan of all things Starscream I can't not get the most accurate version yet!

    Couple of things:
    1) Personally I like that he no longer has the smaller missiles for jet mode, I like how the null rays attach to the wings without detaching from his arms. That is something long overdue IMO. However if there were some way to turn the longer weapons into the short weapons without using two different sets I would be behind that.

    2) Is that your view!?!?! Holy balls!

    1. The head-sculpt is amazing. The previous head sculpt with the slightly cheeky face just pales in comparison. However, it does make MP-11 slightly more difficult to transform because it requires more tact otherwise the head might pop off, but no harm done.

      1) I really don't like why they didn't give him "short missiles" / cluster bombs. I mean, planes don't mount guns under their wings (at least I haven't seen) and it makes it less G1-accurate if anything. It just reeks of the same laziness as the Classics seekers whose lasers also become the plane mode "missiles".

      2) You mean you agree or don't agree? Or you hate the stand and the mounting base?

    2. 1) I can see that, but personally I prefer robot accuracy over vehicle accuracy in this case because the last version was so unnecessarily vehicle accurate. A small sacrifice I guess.

      2) Lol, I meant the view out your window! It's amazing!

    3. 1) Yup, can see where you are coming from. MP-11 is likely to be displayed in robot mode most of the time too (that's what I'll do).

      2) yeah, that's the view out the window. Heh.

  3. Thanks for the review. We posted it on Seibertron.com. Always enjoy reading your comments and thoughts about the Transformers toys you pick up along the way. Thanks Heroic Decepticon!


    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for your kind words. Cheers!
      (glad I made it onto the "news")

  4. didn't earlier pics show an alternate face sculpt? does he have a flip mechanism like Rodimus?

    1. Not sure about alternate face sculpts from earlier pics, but this guy doesn't have a flip mechanism far as I can tell. Instructions do not say anything about it either.

  5. Very nice! I have to admit that stuff like this is why I am glad I joined your blog. :) Because I was looking at reviews on "Dai Atras" (of the Alternity line) and all I read is how people were going to skip on it because they did not go with a different head sculpt. And I was thinking that they should focus more on either getting him for collecting or fun (or both) and focus less on things that may have a reason to be that way (story-wise).

    But topic at hand... It's going to be hard for me to skip on this one. Mostly because I ordered two more figures from my preferred TF store (one came this Monday, even though the order left late Saturday), and have a few others I am debating over. :p But it is something I am definitely going to be recommending, as I have at least one friend who is a Seeker fan.

    1. Also... I totally forgot to make a small joke about Jetfire not having arms. But I guess it might be a good thing, especially if he has the final vote and his choices were between a former friend or a Dinobot who had a history of being a dictator-like leader in the Marvel G1 history. :p

    2. So did you get it? What did you think of MP-11? I see it on my desk everyday and its growing on me. I think it's very nice.

      Oh, poor Jetfire are just having his old yellowed parts whitened again... heh

  6. I never really got into the whole Masterpiece thing. In fact I only own MP-01, but I have to say this version of SS looks beautiful!

    1. Will you be getting this one?

      I think MP-01 and MP-05 goes really well together. MP-08 is good too but it's too small for a Dinobot and better displayed with Classics. Other than that, the MP line is just rife with repaint after repaint after repaint...

  7. Hi. Thank you so much for the review. I am concerned if the hinges is so fragile and subject to stressmark or any issues we encounter like MP09?

    Do you find any stressmark on this?

    1. hi, no stressmarks on MP-11 as far as I can see. The seeker design is a lot studier than MP-09 and it'd take a lot of force to mark a part have stress marks. So far, mine is okay.

  8. Great figure just got mine a few days ago it's so much more cartoon accurate, looking forward to a Skywarp repaint and Sideswipe.


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