04 September 2009

Kotobukiya Jim Lee Batman

This is one sweet Batman figure.

I have been 'considering' buying it since March this year. Every week, I walk into King's Comics and look at it: 'should I buy it, should I not?'. One of the push factors was price perhaps. I thought AU$195 was slightly pricey for a statue, even one as awesome as this one.

So it continued.

Week in, week out, visits to King's comics, ogling over this Jim Lee designed, Japanese sculpted Batman statue. E was on the verge of strangling me some days, 'just buy it' she would say. 'The price is not right', I would answer.

Then came a weekend at the end of May I will call the 20% weekend. This was a weekend where both Kinokuniya and King's Comics, quite simultaneously, decided it was time to have a 20% sale. For King's Comics, it was 20% off storewide except for new releases.

Quite naturally, my thought was 'Kotobukiya Batman by Jim Lee, here I come!'

On that day, E bought the statue to me as a present for my efforts of staring at it for so long each week. She even carried it home for me. No mean feat owing to the size of this monster of a statue.

Oh, and I bought the Kotobukiya Supergirl as well (one of the best Supergirl sculpts around I gotta say). So here they are, standing next to my cloth cape Superman...

Kotobukiya Batman, Superman and Supergirl (interestingly, the cloth cape Superman, which I bought way back in 1999 is to scale with the two Kotobukiya statues)

Kotobukiya Batman, designed by Jim Lee. Awesome, eh?

Kotobukiya Batman with Superman

Kotobukiya Batman


  1. Where did you get that Superman? Its SO Awesome! Is there a sculptor name or something? I cant seem to find that anywhere (envious) :)

  2. hi Raymond, I honestly don't know what the Superman will be called or referred to or who its sculpted by.

    I can tell you that I bought it in 2000/2001 in Singapore for SGD$25.00. I also know that such a Superman was generally available on eBay at the time with some sellers calling it 'Perfect Detail' Superman among other things. It came in a red box with a plastic window. The box had no markings whatsoever.

    It is not made of resin and appears to be made of PVC but is hollow inside. There is neck, arm, fists, waist and legs articulation. Comes with a flowing cloth cape with the yellow S insignia behind.

    To be honest, I don't know whether this is an official product. But the quality is certainly quite high and the sculpting superior.

    There is another picture of him here next to the build-a-figure Apocalypse: http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.com/2008/02/sg-toy-hunt-best-of-tally.html

  3. Thanks for getting me the details, but no dice whatsoever on Ebay. They do have the Kotobukiya Superman, but the face....I'm not impressed with the face on that one. But it looks like I don't have another choice so I'll be picking that figure up shortly.

    As for your Superman, its been so long that its probably not available in the market, so props to you.

    You didn't pick up the Joker?

  4. hmmm... in another month and a half, this Superman would have been 10 years old! Not surprised that it cannot be found (and like I said, really have no idea what its called).

    I like the Kotobukiya Superman, so good choice on that. If I didn't already have this Superman, that would definitely be a prime choice for me. Are you getting Supergirl as well?

    I'm not sure which version of Joker you're referring to... but I'm not getting Joker for now because I'm not fully satisfied with any of the versions on the market so far.

    Right now, I'm concentrating on getting the lantern rings that come with this month's Blackest Night comics.... woohoo! You into that?

  5. I've got both Kotobukiya Batman and Supergirl. Superman comes this week, I can't wait.

    I'm referring to Kotobukiya Joker. The figure looks decent enough. Reminds me of the Batman Asylum game.

    I've been to one comic convention thus far, and I like it however paying $15 entrance fee is not cool.

    Lantern rings? You are a bigger fan than I am!

  6. Raymond, how you going?

    I was at this collectible fair called Paramatta Fair on 21 Feb 2010 and guess what, I saw the exact Superman I have in the pics, on sale for a seller there.

    I was really tempted to buy it and ask if you wanted it, but was not really sure if you still want it since you have the Kotobukiya Superman already.

    However, the seller claims that there are lots on eBay and that his price is cheaper than eBay prices. Have a look, you just might find it on eBay!

  7. Just decided on getting the Kotobukiya Supergirl after reading that review, now I see it looks fantastic displayed with the Batman from your pictures.

    Can't even do a google search without the internet tempting me to spend money!

  8. Supergirl looks really great. You won't regret spending you money on this particular sculpt of Supergirl (although at the back of my mind, she looks much too womanly to still qualify as a "girl". Beautiful statue nonetheless).

    Good luck!


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